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Document Management Solutions

All companies face the challenge of how to best connect their customers, employees and partners to the information they require. But what if you had the ability to manage and automate your manual processes, gain better communication between departments and leverage your business’ data? This is where a document management system comes in.

Document Management Systems, or Document Management Software, is often a cost-effective way to convert paper files to an electronic format and then store, manage and retrieve those files.

Not to be confused with a ‘document attachment system’, a document management system gives you power over your documents - allowing you to search for specific text-based data, collaborate, and freely share information contained in paper files, images, phone call recordings, microfiche, x-rays and files stored on outdated media.

How Milner Can Help

Milner has helped automate the burden of document processing for thousands of organizations. Our document management systems leverage the latest technology processes for capturing unstructured content in any form. With applications such as mobile document capture software, web-based capture, and print-to-archive, Milner offers information capture solutions that give your organization the power to easily scan, intelligently index, and organize your data for easy access.

With Milner, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere through secure channels and a number of productivity-improving capabilities like: 

We have relied on Milner for decades. Service is always prompt, courteous and the technicians are second to none – always making our company feel like there is no other issue bigger than ours at the moment."

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