Take control of your paper records

Document Scanning Services

Have you ever considered the impact that paper-based processes have on productivity and budget in your organization? While electronic records are increasingly popular as offices look to become more paperless, hard copy records management is still an important aspect of every day operations. 80% of information is still paper-based in most organizations. Could your staff be spending more time on file retrieval than they should be? 

Nearly 75% of time spent working with paper-based information is wasted in searching and filing.
- Coopers & Lybrand

Consider paper to digital conversion services to free up office space and take the burden of managing thousands of records off of your staff. With more than 4 trillion paper documents in office workflows, many companies have significant volumes of business-critical documents that must be retained and preserved in a secure environment. Maintaining digital archives proactively protects your most valuable asset: INFORMATION.  

Milner’s Conversion Services provide individualized solutions in a secure scanning facility for organizations looking for a smooth transition of their hard copy documents. We work with you to determine which documents to convert and the most cost effective means to achieve the back file conversion. We offer one-time document digital conversion services as well as ongoing day-forward conversions – all with minimal impact on your existing systems, staff and IT resources.

Information & data may be at risk in your office

Paper records are vulnerable to many types of disasters such as flood, fire, human error, and employee misconduct. Can your organization afford the loss of these paper records?  Could they be recreated? At what cost?

Why use an experienced service provider?

Replace file cabinets in the office and Banker’s Boxes in the basement with digital information – stored on a server or in the cloud and gain more room to grow. Utilizing experienced imaging experts, enables you to complete the project without the large capital investments and gives you the confidence of knowing that documents will be handled in a secure environment.

  • No capital expenditures
    For expensive scanners, software and other equipment.
  • Scalability
    We can quickly ramp up equipment and staff as needed, helping you to maintain your electronic document requirements.
  • No HR or IT headaches
    We handle the hiring, background screenings, training, and monitoring of employees for your project.
  • Free-up valuable office space
    Secure off-site scanning and indexing of your documents can open up much-needed space for running your business.
“We’ve dramatically reduced the amount of time we spend locating documents and we can now quickly review documents, respond to open records requests and screen job candidates much more efficiently. The change has been extraordinary.”"

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