Never lose track 
of a faxed document again

Secure Cloud Fax Solutions

Was your fax received? Was it ever sent? Traditional fax machines create a number of inefficiencies — making it difficult to balance workloads and reduce bottlenecks. With digital cloud fax solutions, from XM Fax, we help organizations replace traditional fax machines with a digital fax solution that helps reduce costs, streamline workflows, and facilitate easier regulatory compliance.

OpenText™ XM Fax™ delivers excellent ROI by eliminating the need for expensive TDM phone lines, unreliable fax devices, and their associated consumables. Faxes are sent from and delivered to employees in the manner that best suits their individual workflow, so users can work from virtually anywhere.

Digital cloud fax can help:

Improve productivity and efficiency

Deploy an easy to implement, manage and use solution. Allow staff to fax without leaving their desks or in the field using mobile devices.

Increase security and compliance

Keep content secure and reduce compliance risks with a variety of regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA and SOX.

Reduce costs

Discard analog phone lines, MFP fax boards and traditional fax machines, while reducing the use of expensive consumables.

Integrate across the business

Integrate quickly and easily with email, MFPs, mobile devices, desktop and back-end applications (including leading EMR/EHR solutions).

One solution to reduce costs and enable secure faxing anywhere

XM Fax will not only save you money, but it's good for the environment too. By transitioning to a cloud fax solution, organizations are able to shed expensive analog fax lines and discard unruly fax machines. Because faxes are sent and received digitally and only printed on demand, consumable costs (paper, toner/ink, etc.) are dramatically reduced. 

What's even better? Your remote workforce, hybrid office staff, field employees and customers stay connected and communicating, effectively and securely. XM Fax allows users to send and receive faxes through any computer as well as a broad range of MFPs, EHR/ EMR systems, and mobile devices with apps for both Android and iOS. This allows secured communication from literally anywhere the user can get an internet connection, as easily as sending an email, all while maintaining essential security and traceability.

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XM Fax Service Provider Edition met flexibility and reliability requirements. It was easy to use and understand. The interface works well. The XM Fax system is very stable and responsive. OpenText has been very accommodating regarding customization of XM Fax and accomplished it all within the 10-week timeline and within budget."

Healthcare organization
Phoenix, AZ