Build a sustainable business and future with Milner

At Milner, we firmly believe in prioritizing the environment and communities in everything we do. We work exclusively with organizations that share our commitment to protecting our planet and its resources, ensuring that the products and services we offer are produced in an environmentally conscious manner. Our dedication to environmental responsibility and community development sets us apart, and we are proud to be leading the way towards a more sustainable and socially conscious future.


Vendor Partners

Dedicated to achieving zero emissions by 2035, we partner with industry leaders to drive us toward a greener future.

Konica Minolta

Our Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Fleet

Prioritizing fuel economy has always been a core focus for us. As we replenish our vehicle fleet, our aim is to establish a more sustainable and fuel-efficient transportation system while ensuring smooth fleet operations. By incorporating lighter weight vehicles equipped with eco-boost engines, we can meet our operational requirements without compromising on vehicle class.

Fuel-efficient fleet

Building Efficiency

Just as we prioritize strong partnerships, we are equally devoted to promoting sustainability throughout all our office locations. At our Milner headquarters, the installation of 342 solar panels on the roof has significantly reduced our reliance on traditional energy sources and led to a substantial decrease in our carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainability is further exemplified through the following initiatives across all our offices:

  • The Distribution Center annually reuses and recycles approximately 75,000 pounds of cardboard, minimizing waste sent to landfills.
  • We actively recycle and repurpose between 150,000 and 200,000 pounds of machine parts, diverting metal and plastic from local landfills.
  • Each Milner office prioritizes waste reduction with dedicated paper recycling, shredding, and plastic/aluminum recycling bins in all lunchrooms and common areas.
  • We have implemented environmentally friendly changes to our packaging materials.
  • Upgraded all lighting in our offices from flourescent to LED light bulbs for improved efficiency. 

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Did you know that it takes more than 1,000 years for one ink or toner cartridge to decompose in a landfill? With Milner's Recycling Program you can responsibly recycle your used ink and toner cartridges, for free. Our zero-landfill policy means that we maximize the re-usability of any printer cartridge. When it can't be reused, we recycle it into other products. Our goal is to provide the most efficient recycling program on the market. We provide paid shipping labels and quick turnaround times.

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Toner cartridge recycling
Emory Sustainability Program

Emory Sustainability Program

Emory University has built a strong reputation as one of the nation's top-rated universities in sustainability. Founded in 2006, Emory's Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) carries out this imperative by helping to restore the global ecosystem, fostering healthy living and reducing the University’s impact on the local environment. As a proud partner, Milner supports the universities efforts by annual donation and proactively working to help reduce its carbon footprint.

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Energy-Star Equipment

Saving energy is important to us. That’s why we use ENERGY STAR certified equipment to use less energy and release fewer of the emissions contributing to climate change. We have a long-standing commitment with our manufacturers to use office solutions that have substantial energy saving features – without compromising productivity.

Energy Star products