Accounts Payable Automation

Is paper slowing your AP department down?

You have a core financial system in place to manage your transactional data, but what about the manual business processes and piles of paperwork outside of that system? With invoice data coming in every format possible (paper, PDFs, scanned PDFs, emails), processing slows your AP department down and leaves your team feeling overworked, bogged down, and frustrated.

Transform your business' accounts payable process with Milner's industry-leading accounts payable workflow automation solution. With intelligent invoice data capture, workflow automation and seamless integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you’ll improve visibility, gain control and increase efficiency across each stage of the accounts payable process.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry, chasing colleagues down to get invoices paid on time, and late payment fees. With AP workflow, your finance team can make better decisions in less time and focus on the things that matter most.

AP Automation provides departments the ability to:

Lower processing costs. Electronic invoice processing eliminates the need for copying, faxing, printing, mailing, filing and storage, typically saving businesses 30% over paper-based methods.

Increase efficiency. Vouchers, payments and invoices are automatically matched and filed electronically, eliminating data entry errors and piles of paper from desks, making digital information easily accessible to authorized persons.

Automate processes. Configure the electronic workflow according to your own criteria and procedures, including how to handle exceptions, routing payment approval and authorizing access to files.

Take advantage of payment discounts. Electronic capture of Accounts Payable information accelerates the collecting and processing of documents, expediting the approval workflow and securing early-pay discounts through our automation software.

Improve visibility. Using AP Workflow software, finance teams and managers can monitor employee productivity, identify potential bottlenecks and reroute items for more efficient processing of purchase orders, vendor invoices, and more.

How Accounts Payable automation works

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