Case Management Software

Optimize the patient care experience

Milner provides Health and Human Services organizations with a proven solution for secure and easy access to client paper charts. Our content management solution seamlessly integrates document management with your existing EHR system to provide capture, archive, and retrieval capabilities for all your client paper charts and records.

By converting and integrating access of your client paper files with Milner solutions, you are able to truly provide a single view of a client’s chart to both physician and clinical staff – at the same time.

Milner provides the knowledge and technology to implement a complete turn-key solution that includes all computer hardware, software licenses, professional services, training and document conversion labor to meet your goal of retiring the flow of paper.

Why Milner? 

Increase quality of care / access for staff
24/7 access to electronic client charts allows for improved sharing of pertinent information with physicians, clinical staff and others.

Integration with existing EHR system
Allows for a single point of view into a clients complete chart, regardless of format.

Safeguard ePHI
Redact protected information prohibited from disclosure without having to duplicate the process each time.

Disaster preparedness and recovery
Ensure access to client charts in case of an environmental incident or disaster.

Mitigate risks / reduce cost
Increase productivity of the staff while decreasing the associated risk of moving paper between physician and direct care staff.

Audit efficiency / accountability
Reporting available on all document activities and access.

We have relied on Milner for decades. Service is always prompt, courteous and the technicians are second to none – always making our company feel like there is no other issue bigger than ours at the moment."

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Raleigh, NC