Amplify your brand's voice

Utilize digital media messaging to engage teams and strengthen communications.

Milner Media

Let’s upgrade your method of keeping your customers and visitors informed. Milner Media will help you enhance your customers' corporate communication by turning their public spaces into engagement opportunities with our configurable digital communication platforms. Milner currently offers three unique products that will strengthen corporate communication in many unique ways.


Elevate your communication

  • Promote corporate initiatives
  • Recognize employees
  • Engage with and share your Social Media/Slack/PowerBi and other digital media communications
  • Communicate with both internal and external networks

Enforce sanitary regulations while reinforcing guidelines

  • Fully configurable through online content management
  • Communicate your commitment to safety
  • Provide directional signage
  • Promote upcoming events or promote your products
  • Broadcast internally or display your material on the screens of our fellow partners
Milner Media

Recognize your audience

Milner's facial recognition kiosk is a multipurpose product with a check-in and temperature verification feature. The kiosk is designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility. With a library of up to 30,000 people, the device will trigger a notification when those above the temperature threshold and those without access attempt to enter the workspace.

What can YOU accomplish with Milner Media?


Beyond the internal communication opportunities, The Milner Network also helps our clients share their story externally throughout the network. From communicating your commitment to safety, providing directional signage, promoting upcoming events or products, our network provides a versatile technology to benefit any company.


Our cloud-based platform provides the ability to use our digital media technology to promote corporate initiatives, recognize employees and much more through existing television screens throughout the workplace. Our TV Network will integrate with your existing technology applications such as social media, slack, PowerBi, and much more to create a customized layout for your specific brand.


Due to COVID-19, the use of hand sanitizer is expected to grow by about 13% annually. Having a hands-free hand sanitizer dispenser inside your company’s building is a vigilant way of keeping your employees safe. The kiosk screen can be fully configured through an online content management system to allow companies the ability to communicate in a unique way.