Most of the information needed to run your business is trapped on paper and paper equivalents such as Word documents, PDF files and pre-printed forms. With Milner’s intelligent capture solutions, your organization has the power to easily scan, intelligently index and capture unstructured content in any form, from anywhere.

  • Intelligent capture: Our software automates document categorization and unstructured information extraction from e-mail, MFPs, file imports, and traditional scanners. No template is required to locate and extract data. Instead, a learning engine finds and lifts the correct text, even when information is incomplete, and automatically correlates it with defined document types.
  • Mobile capture: Leverage your mobile devices to advance business objectives. Mobile capture allows you to harness the power of your phone's camera to instantly capture information while photos, driver's licenses, and much more - transmit the information into content management system or start a workflow task all before they even make it back to the office.
  • Print to archive: Capture digital information from within your core applications, websites, computer files, and email attachments. Documents can be moved from electronic locations directly to archives, without printing or scanning. The Print-to-Archive feature functions similar to printing a document except the file is captured for storage in image repository – simplifying capture from emails, desktop documents, and more.

Capture information anywhere, anytime

Our robust capture solutions give you the power to secure critical data instantly regardless of your location. With our software, multiple capture points can be created through faxes, web browsers, and mobile devices, allowing you to instantly and easily stay in touch with team members through collaboration with captured images.

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