Digital Dictation & Speech Recognition

Are you a busy professional whose job relies on accurate, complete, and efficient dictation and digital transcription? Do you find yourself struggling to find time for clients—and yourself—due to long hours spent on manual transcription and documentation?

We can help. With modern, innovative hardware from Olympus®, and Philips® and software solutions from industry leaders like Nuance®, you can improve your documentation speed by up to 45% while capturing up to 20% more relevant content. You will spend less time typing, less money on transcription services, and more time getting things done—without sacrificing accuracy.

Turning words into action

Milner is proud to offer a wide selection of award-winning speech recognition software and dictation devices that let you use your voice to:

  • Create spreadsheets
  • Record patient notes
  • Draft documents and emails
  • Take notes
  • Send instant messages
  • And much, much more

Digital dictation and speech recognition solutions like Dragon® dictation software uses next-gen artificial intelligence, cutting-edge hardware, and best-in-class security to take the expense and wasted time out of transcription and data management. 

Superior speech recognition for every profession

No matter your industry, there are Dragon® dictation solutions that can help, whether you choose best-in-class hardware from Olympus and Philips or turn your Apple or Android smartphone into a secure, portable dictation microphone with the PowerMic app.

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Dragon is easy-to-use and has improved my efficiency 10 times over. I am only sorry I did not purchase it years ago. The process from purchase to implementation was incredibly smooth thanks to my Milner Rep. I highly recommend Dragon and Milner."

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