HR & Employee Management Software

Manage all paperwork within an employee's lifecycle, from hire to retirement

Human resources (HR) departments generate a mountain of data and documents. Everything from employee reviews to company policies needs to be tracked, stored and updated on a regular basis. If you’re an HR professional, you’re familiar with the challenges of dealing with this sometimes overwhelming surplus of files. The good news is there are ways to effectively handle it on your own, without having to outsource to a third party.

Milner's HR document management solutions give you the ability to organize, store, and access all types of HR files and data. Allowing you to focus on your job – managing human resources – instead of on painful audits and labor-intensive file updating and storing.

We solve common HR document management problems

Your job is demanding. Your management responsibilities are many and varied, and the potential for legal liability—especially in HR—is great. Ditch the risk and frustration of disorganized employee files and simplify life in HR.

Go paperless. Digitize your paper records and eliminate disorganized shared drives. Organize all records in one secure home and get to critical information within seconds.

Ensure privacy. Enforce employee data and document security through role-based permissions and password-protected document viewing

Improve productivity. Make significant strides in empowering individual employees, managers and HR colleagues with self-service capabilities, from basic searching to portal integration.

Stop wasting time. Repetitive and manual data entry, endless searching for documents, emailing unresponsive managers and other menial tasks can all be simplified and automated.


We have relied on Milner for decades. Service is always prompt, courteous and the technicians are second to none – always making our company feel like there is no other issue bigger than ours at the moment."

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