Secure backup when you need it most

Cloud Hosting Solutions

When a fire, natural disaster, hack, or just plain old hardware failure takes down your IT systems, are you confident your data will be secure and accessible? On-site data backup and storage can be risky for all of these reasons. It can also pose other problems by limiting the amount of storage space available on a physical server. When your organization reaches a point where its existing IT infrastructure no longer supports your business needs, it may be time to consider a move to the cloud.


Cloud servers

Milner cloud servers are fully managed virtual servers housed in our secure data centers. With our cloud servers, you gain access to cutting-edge technologies without footing the bill for purchasing hardware and software or worrying about budgeting for replacing old technology. Because your business needs may change, our cloud server solutions are scalable: only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Cloud back-up and recovery

Milner cloud backup and disaster recovery services provide a scalable, secure offsite location to store critical business data and access it when necessary, such as in the event of a security breach or natural disaster. Our dedicated team of experts will set up, configure, and monitor all backups and test them regularly to ensure that they are working properly.


Cloud hosted exchange

Is your company stuck on the ground without cloud-based functionality? When your business processes rely on local infrastructure, flexibility and scalability are limited. Innovation is stifled. And growth opportunities are missed. Let’s get you operating in the cloud, so your company can reach its full potential.

We have relied on Milner for decades. Service is always prompt, courteous and the technicians are second to none – always making our company feel like there is no other issue bigger than ours at the moment."

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