Cut waste,
track printing,
save money

Fully-featured print management

It doesn't matter what size you are, what printers you use, or what operating system your users prefer – PaperCut gives you the ability to gain complete visibility and control of your print environment.


all print, scan, copy, and fax activity to monitor cost and efficiency


to a single global queue, walk up and collect at any device


your printers from unwanted use via user ID or building access cards


for cash payment of print, copy, scan or fax for pay-for-print environments


touch-free printing to protect your employees from unwanted contact


One solution to improve your bottom line

PaperCut will not only save you money, but it’s good for the environment too. With features like encouraging duplex printing, implementing reasonable usage quotas, and full pay-for-print and print chargeback policies, PaperCut checks off all the print management boxes you need to make tangible improvements to your print environment.

What’s even better? PaperCut works with just about any printer or operating system and can be up and running in minutes.

Secure documents before, during, and after printing

Organizations spend a fortune protecting their digital data not even knowing that a simple error like leaving a document on the printer unattended to could cause a data leak for the entire organization. With features like Secure Print Release, PaperCut increases document security and reduces wasteful, uncollected print jobs for secure print management. This avoids confidential documents from sitting on the paper tray until users can make their way to the copier, or if a user forgets they pressed “print” at all.

Solving your unique industry needs

Spanning multiple industries and more than 195 countries, all kinds of customers use PaperCut to track & manage their printing.
How can we help your organization?

Health Care Services Provider - Durham, NC

Nov 3, 2020
Milner did an excellent job of helping us to prepare for the transition by handling all the removal and installation of our copiers and printers... We have really enjoyed the ease of use and the security provided by Papercut. The team of engineers are very responsive to any questions or needs that have come along. Our staff of over 200 users find the use of PaperCut really seamless, which makes my job so much easier. We are really pleased at the outcome and glad we decided to switch to PaperCut.

Private School - Atlanta, GA

Oct 26, 2020
We implemented PaperCut MF two years ago to reduce overall print costs associated with our large copiers and individual classroom printers. With the implementation of PaperCut, we were able to remove the majority of our classroom printers and reduced our overall printing costs by over 30% in the first year alone.

Law Firm - Atlanta, GA

Oct 12, 2020
We converted to PaperCut when we implemented our new MFP’s a couple years ago. It is a wonderful application – robust and user friendly from the desktop, to the MFP’s to the admin module for cost recovery. It has all the features we needed to perform our printing, copying, scanning and cost recovery for our fast-paced litigation defense practice. I highly recommend Milner and PaperCut.

International Food Distributor - Atlanta, GA

Oct 12, 2020
Psigen has been a game changer in our company. Utilizing its ability to scan/sort/file based on the data in the document has improved productivity by eliminating a lot of the clerical duties so that our staff can focus on their primary responsibilities…i.e. problem solving and customer service. Definitely worth the investment in time and money if you are committed to the future.

Commercial Trucking Logistics - Griffin, GA

Oct 9, 2020
Content has helped with organization, less lost paperwork, easy to get our hands on paperwork with never leaving our desk. Cost efficient as well.