Finance & Accounting

In the financial world, there is no room for error. Billing and accounting departments work with high volumes of information, much of it passed from employee to employee. Because of the necessary checks and balances, this often means excessive duplicate paper copies, workflow bottlenecks, inefficient processes and poor audit performance.

Milner can help empower your team by streamlining your accounting processes for billing, improving your audit performance, ensuring accurate payment processing, flagging early pay accounts, and ensuring invoice line items are routed to the correct departments.

Let us help you create compliant, efficient, and accurate accounting practices. Here's how we can help. 

Business process automation and workflow solutions

Keeping documents and forms flowing properly between people, departments, and clients are important for accounting professionals. Whether you are performing the task yourself or delegating to staff, managing financial services workflow is critical. Milner’s business process automation gives you a custom-designed document workflow plan.

Let Milner help your accounting department:

  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and streamline invoice processing by eliminating manual steps
  • Capture and extract data automatically, then validate and integrate it with your existing accounting software
  • Capture and track documents electronically reducing human error
  • Speed up approval processes for invoices and payments
  • Stay compliant with current regulations and retention requirements
  • Automate your remittance processes by processing payments 3-times faster
  • Free up your staff’s time, so that they can focus on strategic initiative

Printers and copiers

Because accounting departments depend so much on paper, access to the proper technology is key. As one of the nation’s most-trusted office imaging solutions providers, we offer innovative technology with built-in features like:

  • A user-friendly interface with prompts to assist even your most tech-challenged employees
  • Customization features that allow your staff to automate repetitive processes and eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Easy connectivity to your existing platforms and applications
  • Password protection and other features to mitigate print-related security risks

Managed IT services and security

Information technology is important when dealing with finance IT regulatory compliance. Milner develops custom solutions for IT Network support for your business. These solutions make it easy for your business to stay compliant with your industry’s IT regulations and feel more confident in your security and IT compliance with government mandates. Managed IT services for accounting and finance businesses will allow you to focus on your clients while Milner manages your IT infrastructure.

How Milner can help your business with the following:

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud storage
  • Compliance with federal regulations and industry standards
  • Reliable and secure hardware and software solutions
  • Audits of risks and potential security breaches
  • Contingency planning to protect your business for cyber threats
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