Office Solutions for Healthcare

There isn’t any room for error in healthcare, especially when it comes to the IT systems and solutions your organization depends on to manage sensitive patient information, communicate between departments and arm staff with the data they need to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

We are healthcare experts

Milner is a full-service business technology solutions provider. We partner with small to mid-market healthcare organizations to design and implement custom hardware and software solutions to properly meet regulatory mandates, ensure privacy and maintain up-time. Whether you’re evaluating ways to update your existing infrastructure, develop system integration for interdepartmental record and data access, better manage your patient records, address security concerns or augment your IT abilities, Milner can create a tailored, scalable solution fit for your business.

Our professionals provide end-to-end in-house expertise in: 

  • Effective, user friendly systems for employees and patients
  • Reliable and secure messaging software
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Ample and dependable internet
  • Monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and helpdesk
  • KNO2 technology to securely exchange patient information between providers

HIPAA compliance is our priority

Managing paperwork is one thing, managing it properly under government regulations is another. With Milner as your partner, you can rest easy knowing that our products and services are designed with compliance guidelines in mind. On top of all of this, we can recommend security methods to help you maintain compliance in areas including network security and document management

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