Non-profit Technology Solutions

As a nonprofit, you do things differently than for-profit companies. Timelines are tight. Budgets are tighter. And though you may share many of the same needs as a typical business, you ultimately require a completely distinct set of tools and resources. No need to stress—Milner has you covered!

Professional services that help you serve

Our relationship isn’t just another business transaction. We truly care about your cause. We’ve been working with nonprofits and religious organizations for more than three decades, so our team has done its homework when it comes to how you operate.

We understand what it takes to optimize your specific IT, communications, hardware/software, company security, and document management needs. And we sympathize with your budgetary limitations. That’s why, with Milner, we will work with your organization to create a plan that fits your needs.

Managed IT & security

Protect donors’ data and maintain their trust by laying a strong cybersecurity foundation.  Our experts offer comprehensive security assessments — including penetration testing — that help nonprofits address unique vulnerabilities in their networks and maintain security compliance when processing financial transactions from benefactors.

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud storage
  • Compliance with federal regulations and industry standards
  • Reliable and secure hardware and software solutions
  • Audits of risks and potential security breaches
  • Contingency planning to protect your business for cyber threats 

Printers & copiers

Churches and non-profits regularly need to produce large volumes of documents from church bulletins to fundraising flyers. Milner has quite a few options from leading manufactures to help you spend less money without compromising on quality. 

  • Our printers give you flawless, great-looking text and images in color and B&W. Not only that, they can print off dozens or hundreds of pages in just a few minutes.
  • Our multifunction copiers earn their name by combining printers, scanners and fax machines all in a single device.
  • Our Managed Print Services (MPS) can help maximize your printing productivity. You can learn how to reduce waste and save money
How much paper do you really have?

Find out how much paper is stowed away in your file cabinets with our easy-to-use paper volume calculator.

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How much is your organization spending on print?

Organizations can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print. Find out your total cost of printing and lower your overhead with a free print assessment.

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