Managed Print Services

Find out how much your organization is really spending on print with Milner's Managed Print Service programs.

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Managed Print Services

Find out how much your organization is really spending on print with Milner's Managed Print Service programs.

Print Management Software

Many businesses are not clear on the amount of money they spend on printing. This is especially true when you look outside direct printing costs, such as toner, paper output and service. With paper use expected to grow for the next 20 years, and print volume increasing 19% for color print and 9% for black and white print, these costs are only getting larger, eating away at profit margins. But direct printing costs are only part of the picture.

Over 50% of printer fleets are at least 5 years old, which is why 60% of IT help desk calls are printer related. All of these factors together spell stretched capital budgets with unexpected repair costs, continued purchases of supplies and services.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Our pioneering work in developing a customer-centric service was recognized by the Managed Print Services Association as the #1 MPS provider in our key markets of Georgia, North Carolina and south Florida. Our print management can help you: 

  • Reduce cost and consumption
  • Monitor use and identify opportunities to reduce paper
  • Reallocate existing equipment for maximum efficiency
  • Assess storage and security of supplies
  • Securely leverage mobile print options
  • Manage equipment service needs
  • Consolidate cartridge needs
  • Optimize workflow
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Recycle used consumables, like toner and ink cartridges

Our Approach

Milner’s approach to Managed Print Services is simple, but revolutionary: we work with the equipment you currently have to maximize your efficiency and reduce your costs. While many other dealers and manufacturers take a self-serving approach by proposing Managed Print Services using only their equipment, Milner’s focus is on saving you money immediately. 

Our Offerings

Managed Print Service Programs
Lower costs, increase productivity, and gain peace of mind with our managed print service programs.

Copier, Printers, and Multifunction Devices
Manage all your document output needs with office products and managed services fit for your business.

Production and Digital Print Solutions
Generate high-resolution documents in commercial quantities while achieving superior color consistency with leading manufacturers.

Print Assessment
Find out how much your organization is really spending on print with a free assessment.

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How Much is Your Organization Spending on Print?

Organizations can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print. Find out your total cost of printing and lower your overhead with a free print assessment.

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