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Inefficient printing is frustrating and expensive for businesses. It’s not about the initial investment you make when buying a printer, but the total cost of ownership thereafter. Did you know that 75% of associated printing costs come after the purchase of your new equipment? The cost of paper, supplies, and the maintenance calls stack up fast.

It's time to take control of your printing costs! Let our print experts help you track down the hidden costs of your machines – and deliver actionable insights and measurable improvements from day one.

Managed Print Services


Map out your Fleet

Putting the right device in the right place can yield significant savings. We will document your entire printer, copier and MFP fleet, so we can work with you to design a configuration that will pinpoint the ideal deployment for new and existing devices.

Assess the print volume for better device placement

We will review the utilization levels on each of your machines. Reviewing black and white versus color utilization patterns will help us drill-down the behavior on each machine.


Determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Knowing the TCO on your machines can help you understand where your money is going. Our assessment will review both the direct and indirect costs measured against device utilization, maintenance, service, and supplies.

At Milner, we work with the equipment you currently have to maximize your efficiency and reduce your costs. While many other dealers and manufacturers take a self-serving approach by proposing Managed Print Services using only their equipment, Milner’s focus is to save you money using a plan and manufacturers best fit for your organization .

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