Could your IT department benefit from Managed Print Services?


Aug 10, 2023

Even the most organized IT departments can struggle to keep up with that ever-growing pile of help desk tickets. And if your company’s print services lack proper management, the burden often falls on your IT department, driving that pile up higher and higher. It’s estimated that print-related help desk tickets account for about 23 percent of all IT requests at the average company. Further, the average office worker spends about 22 minutes every day dealing with IT-related issues, with printers playing a hefty role. That equates to about 91 hours annually for just one full-time employee.

Also, consider the fact that IT professionals aren’t trained print infrastructure experts. Most are equipped with the skills and expertise to address problems as they arise, but IT staff are less knowledgeable than dedicated print specialists, and their displaced time and unsuited efforts can lead to lower productivity and present the risk of creating additional print issues.

A Managed Print Services (MPS) program can offer significant value to your company overall, but especially your IT department. Here’s a more in-depth look at three key benefits from Managed Print Services and how they can create positive momentum from your IT department across your organization:

  1. Optimized IT resourcing

    Optimizing your IT department’s resources should always be a top priority. By partnering with a managed print services (MPS) provider, your department can reduce IT Help Desk tickets, reallocate resources, and improve customer satisfaction. By relieving the burden of printer-related issues and the mountains of time-consuming tickets that accompany them, your IT team will be able to focus on more important projects and problems. They will be able to more quickly respond to requests and deliver the highest level of service. According to the Gartner Group, most companies can reduce their printing expenditures up to 30 percent through an MPS program. That's a lot of money, time and energy saved!

    By committing more IT resources to projects in-house, your company will be able to place more emphasis on value-adding, mission-critical programs that an outside contractor wouldn’t be able to manage or sustain as successfully. Between improved help desk ticket response times and the ability to be fully committed to new projects and initiatives for the organization, all employees can benefit from the relief on your IT resources from bringing in an MPS.

  2. Increased security and integrity for your network

    Like any other endpoint device, printers can create security vulnerabilities when not operated properly. Without apt security procedures in place, your company runs the risk of exposure to hackers and malware that can infiltrate your network, steal sensitive data, and present significant liabilities – which could jeopardize your company’s future.

    Installation is a critical aspect of your company’s print environment, as your print infrastructure has a unique footprint based on the quantity and kinds of devices within your network, as well as the wireless network they are connected to. The integrity of this installation can ultimately determine the success of your company’s dependent workflows and overall security measures.  Outside of installing a secure print infrastructure and environment, IT is also tasked with addressing the consequences when print systems become compromised.

    Managed Print Services can handle your device setup and installation AND administer and oversee the necessary security features to serve your company’s unique print environment – including data encryption, user authentication, proper patching, and perform regular software updates. Utilizing a MPS will reduce your IT workload while still effectively ensuring infrastructure integrity and mitigating security risks to protect your organization. A huge win-win!

  3. Decreased Downtime Across Your Company

    When print devices suffer an outage, it creates a workflow bottleneck that can have a negative domino effect felt through the entire organization. These print hardware breakdowns and other printer-related issues directly impact your company’s productivity and bottom line.

    Managed Print Services take intentional steps to not only extend the life of your print devices and equipment, but also take proper measures to prevent breakdowns before they impact operations. They specialize in implementing maintenance and prevention measures to track the workload and wear and tear on your company’s print hardware.

    The necessary upkeep of your company’s print hardware requires yet more time and resources from IT that could be focused on other help desk tickets, which results in additional downtime for all other aspects of your IT infrastructure. MPS partners support your print infrastructure, improve performance across your organization, and create value demonstrated by your workforce’s reduced downtime and increased profit margins!

Investing in a Managed Print Services partner will help ensure the integrity of your print infrastructure and reduce the demands on your IT department, resulting in a wave of value and productivity that will echo throughout your entire organization.

Just imagine what more your business could accomplish this year by simply removing tedious print tasks from your IT Help Desk queue? Learn more about Milner’s Managed Print Services solutions today.

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