Enterprise Content Management

How an organization handles information reflects on every aspect of their business. Utilizing a well-designed content management system can make a big impact on daily operations and can improve time management, freeing up more opportunities for employees.

An Economical Solution

Leveraging a content management system instead of file cabinets, hanging folders, or boxes can greatly reduce costs, leverage knowledge, and provide recovery options of data that could otherwise be damaged or lost. Minimizing the needs for physical storage and employing instead a virtual system for all information will free up more funds and space in the office place.

Convenient, Professional, and Safe Digital Systems

Sharing, capturing, tracking, and modifying documents are all critical processes for businesses. Milner’s enterprise content management solution includes ImageDirector Capture technology and innovative search and retrieval software to simplify these tasks and automate your information management systems. Our service can classify mounds of paperwork quickly and accurately.

Digitize Your Workflow

  • Capture Data: Milner’s capture tools recognizes and converts information on checks, pictures, receipts, and other documents into searchable text or links to eliminate the need to manually enter data.
  • Secure records: Virtual locks have proven to be much more reliable and secure than physical barriers. Not only do password protection and access codes prevent records from being seen by unauthorized personnel, but also ensure the information is safe from destructive threats like fires and floods.
  • Sophisticated technology: Our software supports most files types and allows metadata fields to optimize your ability to locate and retrieve specific documents. Files will be organized by customizable criteria to be more easily located in your systems.

Any industry can benefit by switching to a modern, paperless information management system. Scanned documents can be clearer to read, open up more space in the office, and improve the efficiency of daily operations. Whether you need a continuous document scanning service or a one-time project, Milner can provide the information management solution to improve your organization.


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