eForms Management

Did you know that 85% of all business processes begin with a form? By using web forms, your organization’s need for print related processes can be dramatically reduced and improve the efficiency of capturing and securing information.

Features & Benefits of Web Forms

  • User Friendly Designer
    Our eForms are easy to create. By simply dragging and dropping form fields onto the designer, you can build a unique form in minutes.
  • Custom Layouts
    Dynamically change the layout based on selections made, ensuring required data has been provided before web form is submitted.
  • Document Retrieval
    Route documents for approval, notifying users of required actions. Integrate web forms into capture workflows to create a single process for working with data.
  • Capture Automation
    Effortlessly collect data from any source, creating a single process for working with information.

Common Use for eForms

  • Expense Reports
  • Human Resources Onboarding
  • Mortgage & Loan Applications
  • Patient Registration
  • Purchase Orders/Sales Orders
  • Questionnaires/Feedback Forms
  • Time Sheets/PTO Requests
  • Student Enrollment

Create company-specific web forms to gather only the relevant data needed, eliminating manual data entry, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience.

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