At Milner we appreciate the teachers and staff that work hard to educate America's students. We know the challenges that come with the task, specifically, the frustration due to the limitations that come with working with outdated equipment. Milner offers service and technological solutions to these issues, giving faculty and staff the efficiency and flexibility they deserve. 

Transition into the Future with Ease

Imagine walking into an office and seeing people talking on rotary phones and using typewriters to create memos. It would be absurd, right? Yet, some teachers still make use of projectors and white boards that are decades old, and some school systems are still burdened with archaic physical file systems for handling student records. The fact is, transitioning an organization as large as a school can be overwhelming on both the budget and the staff. We offer economical solutions that are innovative and can be easily integrated into your school’s current practices.

Strategic financial planning

We understand that budgets for schools are tight, especially independent schools, and spending has to be done prudently. As a proud MISBO member, you can be sure that our range of office products and services will be offered at a discounted price.

Efficiency on every level

Our services can benefit educators and administration in all environments, from K-12 to higher education settings. With our content management system and workflow solution software, the organization of your information can be optimized, and our backfile scanning service can quickly and efficiently convert all your physical files into digital documents. According to Gartner, at least 50% of K-12 schools will be using digital content management systems by 2020.

Take control of your school’s technological progress with our innovative solutions for the office and classroom.