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Managed Printed Services Programs

Milner offers an array of Managed Print Service programs to fit your needs:

Care Plus

Our entry level program, Care Plus offers a light managed print service that covers the basics. The program includes service discounts and a guarantee that your toner will provide the desired output quality – or we replace at no charge.

  • Toner guarantee with replacement
  • Service discounts

Complete Care

Complete Care offers you comprehensive coverage that includes managing, servicing and supplying all of the devices you want. With fleet management software, you can monitor toner levels, automatically send service alerts when problems are detected and automatically report meter readings for simplified billing. Complete care includes simple cost-per-page billing and expert service with a no-cost replacement guarantee.

  • Everything in the Care Plus Program
  • Comprehensive print management
  • Fleet management software
  • Manage and service equipment
  • Provide toner and supplies
  • Non-repairable equipment replaced at no cost
  • Service alerts automatically sent when problem detected
  • Easy meter collection options
  • Output volume and utilization reports
  • Simplified cost-per-page billing

Complete Care Plus

All of the advantages of Complete Care along with a complete assessment of printing requirements and workflow, categorized by departments and users. As your business grows, so will your printing requirements. Complete Care Plus allows you to meet that growth by adding printers at no additional cost, other than the contracted cost-per-page rate.

  • Everything in the Complete Care Program
  • Full assessment of printing requirements and workflow
  • Add printers at no additional cost

Complete Care Plus GREEN

The Complete Care Plus Green program provides everything you need to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. Our software assesses printer use and provides comprehensive reports on your organization’s environmental impact. The software also identifies your Co2 emissions, power consumption by device and the number of trees harvested to meet your printing needs.

  • Everything in the Complete Care Plus Program
  • Environmental impact reports
  • Energy efficiency recommendations
  • Identify options for lower cost of ownership
  • Toner cartridge recycling program

Milner's Managed Print Services Programs offer options for organizations of all sizes to lower print expenses and reduce environmental impact.Contact us to learn more.