5 Ways to keep your employees motivated in the summer

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Jun 1, 2022

Do you dread the “summer slump”? Is the “employee slacker syndrome” getting your workplace down? Here are some simple tips from Milner to keep your office productivity on track until fall.

Now that Memorial Day has passed and summer has officially started, it may be challenging for all of us to stay focused at work due to the excitement of summer vacations and beautiful weather. During the summer, businesses suffer a significant drop in output: productivity drops by 20% and distractions increase by 45%, according to studies. And while that may make reaching company goals during these hot months seem all but impossible, making a few changes to the workday to encourage your employees to keep performing at their best can help motivate your team and avoid employee burnout.

Here are five ways you can maintain productivity and avoid the summer slump this season:

  1. Make sure your team has the tools to stay productive
    If your employees are already unmotivated, it can be even more difficult for them to stay productive if they are using obsolete, slow, or broken equipment. In addition to updating any outdated or malfunctioning technology, the summer can be a great time to rethink how your technology works in light of your new workforce configuration. Having an IT expert from Milner evaluate your technology needs is a great way to align your IT growth strategy with your vision and future plans. Update your technology and resources now, if your budget allows; outdated tools can have devastating effects on productivity.

    Employers should consider transforming their offices into welcoming gathering spaces that serve not only as places for meetings and onboarding new employees, but also as outlets for employee wellbeing and engagement. Consider upgrading any technology in your office that will help your employees brainstorm, conduct meetings, or socialize. Encouraging and motivating your employees as a team is a crucial part of maintaining productivity and company morale.
  2. Make your workspace a place everyone wants to be
    Having a clutter-free work environment is one of the keys to success and productivity. A clear desk equals a clear mind. Provide employees with new office supplies and encourage them to throw away or recycle documents they no longer need. Milner can help you upgrade or update any print or copy equipment to optimize your office workflow and make frustrating queues a thing of the past. We can even help you move your document management to the cloud so your employees can have access to important documents from wherever they are—leaving them with more time for the beach or grilling in the backyard.
  3. Flexible summer hours
    It can be difficult for some employees to work in the afternoon when the kids are out of school and the heat is peaking at midday. Other employees might enjoy their evenings grilling on their decks or enjoying the summer stars and would prefer to arrive at work later than usual. Flexible scheduling during the summer can help you accommodate whatever your employees' preferences may be so your employees can enjoy the summer and remain motivated on the job while working around their preferred summer activities.
  4. Encourage working outside 
    Give your employees the time and space to work outside if your office arrangement allows it. Team meetings may be hosted outside or laptops may be used, especially if your office has the right tools to facilitate working from wherever you are. By now, you've probably established a set of tools, including email, instant messaging, videoconferencing, document management, and task management, that have worked for you and your team. Summer is a great time to reevaluate whether those tools are still the most efficient for your company's overall goals. Call a Milner expert for a thorough evaluation of your office’s technology to see what we can do to make things more efficient.

    Flexibility can be extremely motivating, especially during the warm summer months, and can be a great way to work while taking advantage of the weather. If it’s too difficult for your employees to find ways to work outside, encourage them to take 15 minute breaks to gain some exposure to natural sunlight which can provide a much needed vitamin D boost which can increase circulation, help with concentration and increase feelings of wellbeing.
  5. Embolden your employees to use their vacation days
    Research shows that employees feel cared about and are more motivated when their employees encourage them to take time off. Despite our cultural idea that we can get ahead by taking less days off, the opposite is true. When employees aren't taking enough vacation time, the "summer slump" can hit them particularly hard. They can become tired, distracted, and restless, all of which can affect their productivity. Research has shown that workers who take 11 or more vacation days per year are more likely to have received a bonus or a raise than those who take 10 or less.

Are your employees going through a summer slump? Milner can help…

It can be challenging to get through these hot summer months. Holidays, vacations with family and the need to enjoy the heat outside can make any employee less motivated. But, that isn't how things have to be. To beat the sun-soaked summer slump, make sure your employees' productivity is not hindered by slow technology or underperforming communication strategies by reaching out to Milner today.

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