Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team

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Jan 13, 2020

The New Year often is greeted with enthusiasm as it means a fresh start and limitless possibilities are ahead. On the other hand, this season can be difficult for some as the holidays are over, there are no more parties and the weather is cold. Wherever your team falls on the spectrum, the start of a new quarter is a crucial time to be productive and stay motivated. Here are some creative ways to help your team stay engaged for the duration of the season.

Establish team goals

Discussing strategy with the team should be a weekly or monthly event, but establishing long-term goals for the entire year can help push everyone forward into the New Year. Short term goals can be just as helpful for keeping everyone on the same track and determining the timeline for your business operations. It would also be a good time to examine performance goals and ask what areas can be improved on and how you can help.

Internal surveys

Gathering feedback can help you improve daily operations and boost employee morale. A company-wide survey is an excellent way to gauge your team’s happiness and address changes or workplace habits that impact employees. Letting your team know you are willing to be flexible and open to comments can help you understand your strengths and know how to work on weaker areas.

Community involvement

According to a study, 86% of millennials appreciate social responsibility programs in their jobs and would quit if these programs started to slip. Employees greatly value companies that are engaged with their community through charity donations or involvement. Whether it is charity donation matching, starting a company volunteer program, or sponsoring a community event, your company will benefit from increased employee morale and attracting local customers.

Technological advancements

Working with old equipment can be very frustrating and damaging to employee morale. Investing in new technology not only solves this potential issue, but also can be very exciting for your team. New software is easy to learn, more intuitive and can help make tasks easier. As an added bonus, consider upgrading the machines used the most in the office – your printers and copiers.

Making your employees feel like they have more than just a job means giving them more than money. Establishing a good feedback system and expanding outreach to include local communities can go a long way to motivating your team and make their work feel more meaningful. Contact us to see how we can help your team moving forward.

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