Improve Your Summer Conference Calls with the Right Communication Tools

Video conferencing

Jun 17, 2019

Summer is not ideally spent inside at your desk or in a conference room for a 30 minute (or longer) conference call. Yet, most office employees have to endure one of these conversations at least once a week. For some, just surviving these phone calls is enough, but if you are interested in optimizing these calls, then keep reading.

To eliminate the common frustrations associated with conference calls including dropped calls, interruptions, and immobility, we recommend implementing the following solutions:

Go Mobile!

Accessibility is key to any business today. Your employees should be able to connect with coworkers and conduct business while on the go. Mobile phones and Bluetooth can keep employees in the loop and able to share valuable information and updates while traveling or working remotely. Using these devices also gives your team the chance to get outside while talking instead of remaining stuck to the phone at a desk or inside the office.

Extra tip: To minimize dropped calls, try to limit your motion to avoid traveling into low signal areas, and mute calls when you are not talking to lessen background noise for your fellow callers.

Upgrade to HD audio

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solution relies on the internet unlike traditional systems that rely on telephone wires and radio waves. Due to this, the audio quality is typically much stronger and clearer, and international phone calls costs significantly less. Your team can reach or be reached no matter where they may be traveling to in the summer for no extra charge. Learn more about the benefits of Cloud phone or hybrid phone solutions on our business phone solutions page.

Extra tip: Use headphones to hear everyone clearly and keep the distractions to a minimum.

Implement video conferencing

When on a conference call with multiple people, it can be difficult for less assertive employees to give their input. Video conferencing can lend to a more organization conversation by letting people express themselves non-verbally and help everyone feel included.

Extra tip: Become acquainted with video conferencing features such as muting, microphones, and presentation tools before the call begins.

Modern communications tools do not only help conference calls go smoothly, but also can improve your customer service experience, impress business partners, and help overall office communications. An outdated phone system can hinder business communications efficiency and make it difficult to implement some of these suggested features. To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your phone system, download our free eBook about the 5 Phone Upgrade Myths.

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