Times have changed: Is your phone system keeping up?

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Jul 19, 2023

Times have changed, and so have our communication needs. Is your current phone system equipped to keep up with the demands of the modern world? In this blog, we want to challenge you to think about how your business communications have changed post-COVID, and how using an outdated office phone system could be holding you back.

Nearly 75% of organizations worldwide will have a portion of their workforce remain working remotely into the future.

You may be comfortable with your communications system – until the moment you realize you need more from it.

With expanding needs, you’ve added the latest computers, updated software, and engaged in a digital transformation plan. But what about your phones? Consider mobility, for instance. Just a few years ago, most employees worked from the office. Today, more than half are likely to be on the go and working remotely at least some of the time. If your current phone system isn't able to handle the office exodus, that's a glaring sign you're due for a change.

The good news? Many organizations are evaluating their communication infrastructure to determine what they will need to remain competitive post-pandemic. A mobile, agile, responsive workforce is enabled by smartphones, email, text, chat, screen sharing, unified communications, and more. Even if your phone systems don't seem outdated, it's likely you're not keeping up with the right updates and upgrades, leaving you vulnerable to losing out on more than productivity.

Ask yourself the following key strategic questions about the customer and employee experience across your company's communications:

  • Is it easy to communicate digitally across all your processes?
  • Is communication possible instantly from anywhere?
  • Can customers contact you through any preferred channel?
  • Is compliance with policies and oversight easy or complicated?
  • Can communication tasks be scheduled and rescheduled in real-time?
  • Can meetings be attended in real-time from any device?

Upgrading your phone system could save money

Communication tools that fail to meet company needs are one of the most expensive resources a company can waste. It may sound counterintuitive, but you have to spend money to save money. This is no less true of your phone system. If your communication systems are outdated and past their best, then they could be costing you too much money. Upgrading your office phone system can save you money, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. In fact, the upfront costs of upgrading to a new phone system is usually cheaper than the cost of maintaining an older one.

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An on-premises phone system typically requires a large initial investment, specialized IT staff, and repair and maintenance costs that mount over time. This cost is eliminated with unified communications. Milner can set you up with a system that works with your existing desk phones and smartphones. No new equipment is needed. The fact that you don't have to hire specialized IT staff allows you to free up your technology experts' time. Want to find out just how much you can lower your costs with unified communication? You'll be surprised by how much you can save.

Why your company should answer the call

Relying on legacy phone systems puts you at the mercy of astronomical phone bills, antiquated hardware and outdated technology that leaves you vulnerable to security breaches. You need the right communication system that will allow your employees to connect anytime from anywhere, streamlining productivity and making compliance a breeze. Choosing the right cloud solution can help to ensure that your vital tools are always online when you're working in the cloud. Milner knows phone systems and we know what will work best with your business needs, and can feel better knowing that a UCaaS solution specialist is managing your phone system while you manage your business. You can trust us to tailor your system to your business' needs, and we'd be glad to talk to you about how.