Cracking the Code: Are you really saving more money printing in black and white?


Jun 14, 2023

Many professionals have long believed that printing in black and white is the ultimate money-saving strategy, assuming that color printing comes at a much higher cost. However, advancements in technology and shifting market dynamics have challenged this notion. It's time to delve deeper and crack the code to determine whether sticking to black and white printing truly leads to substantial savings.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of printing expenses, debunk myths surrounding color printing costs, and provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your printing needs. Prepare to uncover the truth and discover if printing in black and white is indeed the key to maximizing your savings or if it's time to embrace the possibilities of color printing.

  • Myth #1: I need to invest in a whole new fleet of printers and copiers if I want color prints

    This depends entirely on what your current fleet of printers and copiers currently looks like. Standard desktop devices are very easy and cheap to purchase, but can cost you a lot in the long run as you dole out money for expensive toner and ink cartridge replacements. In the same way, older copiers, printers, and multifunction devices may be inefficient cost-wise if they are not working roperly.

    To significantly lower the cost of color printing, you may find that you already own a commercial MFD or desktop-style printer that just needs some tweaking. Depending on your printer, you may be able to control which images are printed in color, how many color resources are used, or even to set a preset mode that conserves color. Depending on your device, you can even manage which employees are allowed to use color resources or limit the number of color images for those who like to go all-in on color. Don’t know if your hardware or software has these options? Contact a Milner printer expert who can answer these questions for you about your current devices.

  • Myth #2: Color printing is always more expensive than black and white

    While technology has improved, color ink and toner are still generally more expensive than black and white cartridges, although the price difference depends on what brand and what printer model you have. For example, even the high-capacity inkjet cartridges give you around 500 black-and-white or 450 color pages. Compare this to many of the printers offered by Milner partners, which forego traditional ink cartridges in favor of refillable high-capacity tanks. Many of our partners also offer specific functionalities that can be turned on to reduce the amount of toner used when printing which can dramatically reduce costs.

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  • Myth #3: Color printing is bad for the environment

    Color and black cartridges have the same physical impact on the environment as the content of one color of ink over another isn't more detrimental to the environment than another. Due to the lower number of ink cartridges used with less color printing, less color printing can be better for the environment as less cartridges will end up in landfills. By recycling your printer cartridges, you can reduce the impact of your printers on the environment and run a more eco-friendly office. Milner has our own recycling program, and we will even recycle your used cartridges for you if you leave them with us.

    But being environmentally friendly isn’t all about ink, or even paper output. Newer color printers feature a host of energy-saving features determined by the ENERGY STAR program to reduce conventional electricity consumption. Many of the MFPs we offer also offer automatic duplex printing so you can always reduce your paper use, Economy Color mode which brings color costs down to almost monochrome costs, and even permanent print heads which never need replacing.

  • Myth #4: Adding color isn't necessary

    Using color to communicate is more effective. According to a recent survey, 76% of survey respondents said that they found information easier to read when it was presented in color, and 69% said they understood new concepts better when presented in color.

    Color printing has the following results:

    • Improved understanding of files with multiple lines.
    • Increased efficiency.
    • Reduced risk of human error when interpreting line drawings.
    • Decreased the possibility of additional project costs.
  • Myth #5: It’s cheaper to just outsource to a print shop

    What does it cost you to send your documents to a print shop? Print shops must earn money to cover their expenses, so they charge a flat rate of $0.39 for color prints. Contrary to this, color copiers offer color prints for as little as $0.07. It makes sense to lease a color copier if you produce enough color prints per month to justify the cost.

    Newer printers allow you to print from anywhere, at the touch of a button, which is convenient and time-saving for businesses with distributed workforces, including work-from-home and hybrid scenarios. Are you unsure of your printing and copying needs? Take this print assessment to help you streamline your printer fleet and figure out where you can save more money. By simply conducting this assessment, you might discover a way to save enough money to outfit your company with color without changing your budget.

Looking for a color printer you can depend on?

For over three decades, Milner has sold and serviced color printers and copiers. Providing our clients with the best equipment options and after-sales service is our priority. Our goal is to help our customers make smart decisions about new machine leases and purchases by asking the right questions. Please contact us for all your printer and copier needs!

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