4 Types of technology to help your business grow


May 24, 2023

Growth is inevitable for almost any organization. You grow or you stagnate – and most businesses do not want that. Growing your business often requires some initial outlay of capital before the impact is realized, which creates a huge hurdle that many organizations struggle to overcome. Fortunately, there are a few ways to compensate and grow your organization without breaking the bank. Here are 4 technologies that can help you grow your business:

  1. Cloud Phones

    If you’re not leveraging a phone system that is hosted in the cloud, then you are missing out on one of the most flexible ways to contract and expand your business. Rather than the expense and hassle of installing new phone lines and phone hardware, a cloud-based phone solution allows you to add new assets to the network at whim, and is often a lot more affordable than the cost of increasing your phone lines and service. Cloud-based phone systems also leverage better technology to help improve productivity and give your company a professional appearance when customers call you.

  2. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

    Yes, it is the cloud again. The more you can move to the cloud, the easier it becomes to grow and navigate the fluctuations that inevitably come with that growth. As you grow, your network will need to be more reliable and fortified against threats. Meanwhile, you’ll be adding computers and servers to accommodate new employees. These all become assets that your existing IT team, if any, has to manage – and will necessitate the expansion of your IT team to keep up with the growing trend. Virtualization and cloud services lets you sidestep this and makes it possible to have your infrastructure managed by a full team of experts for a lot less than expanding your in-house team.

  3. Copiers and Printers

    As you grow, you may need to look at different copiers or relocate your existing copiers and printers to better manage how the printers are used and the supplies they consume. Print costs can eat anywhere from 1-3% of your revenue, and at times of growth it will be critical to stay on top this is important to stay on top of this.  The security of your printing is also a factor. As you grow, over-the-counter security software will no longer provide adequate protection on your network; especially where printers are concerned. A copier or printer connected to the Wi-Fi can present a risk for the entire network, putting your whole operation in jeopardy.

  4. Document Management Software

    How you manage data and documents can make or break you, because of the time and resources involved. The same paper-based processes that are sufficient for a small business might become cumbersome as that business grows, requiring them to hire more staff and slowing down their operations. As most processes are a hybrid of paper and digital, you might you’re your staff having to manually scan and key in information for each transaction. Good document management software can help you with bulk scanning, secure data extraction and simplified search options that make it quick and easy to capture and retrieve all of your data.

To make your organization’s growth a reality does not necessarily require large volumes of capital or all new equipment. In some cases, you can leverage existing tools and in other situations, there are a number of scalable, cloud-based resources that can make your operation look like a professional operation, even if there are only three employees working out of your home. In the cases where a capital expense is involved, it is important to look at the potential savings in improved productivity, efficiency and staffing.

Not sure how you can grow your business? From scalable office phone systems to document management solutions, Milner provides a full suite of office technologies to help organizations of all sizes achieve their goals. Contact us for a technology assessment.