Why you need to digitize your documents with backfile scanning ASAP

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Jul 6, 2022

Document digitization and backfile scanning are key steps toward digital transformation as companies adopt more digital technology. Don’t do it alone, reach out to an office technology specialist at Milner to help you with this important process.

Are you storing piles of documents? Is an entire room of your office dedicated exclusively to storing documents? Can you be sure those boxes, file cabinets or rooms are secure at all times? A backfile scanning service provider like Milner can provide many advantages to your business’ document management. Advanced backfile scanning solutions can help you recover valuable data stored in outdated documents. Our backfile conversion process generates fully searchable, high quality PDF files. Each PDF will come with an associated text layer that allows you to search, redact, copy, and paste the information for whatever purpose you may need.

Using high speed scanning methods, companies can easily convert their paper documents into digital files that can be easily managed.

What Is backfile scanning and conversion?

You can think of a backfile as any archived or saved document within your organization. The process of converting backfiles to digital copies or images is called backfile conversion or backfile scanning. Using high speed scanning methods, companies can easily convert their paper documents into digital files that can be easily managed. While digitizing and converting all incoming paper is an important step toward going paperless, converting old files may seem more difficult.

Scanning for a backfile project can be particularly challenging, whether you are converting old medical records, HR files, or AP invoices. Scannable files must first be prepared, including removing staples, taping small pages, etc. It is also important for documents to be organized in a meaningful and useful manner before they can be incorporated into an electronic management system. Once the files have been prepared, they must be processed and captured as images. While this may seem simple, most scanners are not designed to process thousands of images per day. And high-volume scanners can cost quite a bit. Outsourcing backfile conversion will allow your staff to concentrate on more valuable tasks while professionals handle your scanning.

Even if you’ve already had a backfile conversion already done, an upgraded conversion process can bring new efficiency gains to your productivity. It is possible that you had your documents digitized previously but the technology used in the past doesn’t allow for fully searchable documents.

Prevent document mismanagement

A Coopers and Lybrand study found that 90 percent of documents handled in an office are mishandled at such a large rate that it adds up to a tremendous cost. In most companies, according to the study, 7.5 percent of all documents get lost and 3 percent get misfiled. Another study by McKinsey found that an employee spends 19 percent of their time at work looking for information. You can reduce the cost of human error through the use of electronic filing storage systems with collaborative file sharing and role-based security features. A comprehensive search feature makes it easy to find a document if it's mistakenly filed in the wrong location.

In addition to making content more accessible and organized, backfile scanning and paper digitization reduces the time it takes to respond to information requests and eliminates costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual processes. Digitizing paper can result in a significant increase in productivity and, ultimately, profitability. You can restrict users and define their roles, so fewer employees are needed to manage the documents. Additionally, converting paper to digital storage helps with compliance. Scannable documents make it easier for companies to fulfill their legal and regulatory obligations. It is possible to organize, index, and produce digital files quickly to meet the demands of even the strictest auditor.

Would you like to find out just how much paper is being stowed away in your filing cabinets? Our Paper Calculator was built for this very reason.

Bolster security

Document scanning provides end-users with enhanced document security through its advanced security features. With the right document scanning solution, you can bolster security and prevent sensitive data from being exposed, while maintaining speed and efficiency. These methods include:

  • Encryption
  • Redaction
  • Auditing
  • Remote key entry
  • Limited designations
  • Automated Records Management System

The enhanced security associated with document digitization helps to minimize overall risks while better securing sensitive company information. Additional security protections and benefits that come with implementing a managed document scanning solution include advanced tracking and access control. Users are able to assign specific levels of access based on their security clearance and daily duties to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to business-critical information. The tracking feature allows organizations to easily track digital documents because every instance can be tracked and recorded. Additionally, business-critical documents are protected from loss by limiting access to only authorized personnel.

Access From Anywhere

Getting the right documents to the right clients and employees is no longer a hassle. It is very easy to set up clients, partners, and vendors with their own accounts online which are encrypted and password-protected, so they have access to their own records. Cloud-based document management has never been easier with its ability to provide safe and secure file-sharing and security.

Trust Milner with your document management needs

Scanning solutions give organizations the ability to provide enhanced security and access to digital documents. When compliance is at risk, such as during a global pandemic, additional security is crucial for ensuring business continuity. Likewise, accessibility is essential for remote workforce productivity.

In order to transition from an inefficient and insecure paper environment to a streamlined, secure, and accessible digital document library, businesses should partner with a managed backfile scanning provider like Milner. Our team of document conversion experts will handle all your digital text conversion needs so that you can focus on what matters most to your business. With over 30 years of document management, we assure client satisfaction. We ensure that your files are handled securely and efficiently. We value our customers and work closely with them during the entire process. Talk with our office technology experts today.
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