Why your government agency needs a great document management system

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Jun 9, 2022

Government agencies have to deal with increasing complexity and fraud risks despite having limited time and restricted budgets, and fewer resources. Let Milner help your government organization update your municipality, government agency, or public sector organizations to a DMS that will save you time and money and keep your government documents searchable, automated and secure.

Why it’s better without paper

Government agencies use a great deal of paper due to the near-constant issuance of  permits, licenses, public records, contracts, and many other documents to the public, along with their internal documents like employee manuals, memos, policies, and more. This paper data takes space to store, processes are manual, and loss of information is a constant risk. Paperless offices are more efficient: mistakes are reduced and processes are more consistent. A good document management system makes everything searchable and retrievable. Additionally, it can apply electronic records policies to documents, allowing you to easily comply with retention schedules, policies, and retention requirements. 

Would you like to find out just how much paper is being stowed away in your filing cabinets? Our Paper Calculator was built for this very reason.

Document management designed for government agencies makes life easier

With a document management system customized specifically for city, county, or state government use, documents can be easily searched, instant approval processes can be set up, and you can even set up reminders for renewal dates all while knowing you have the highest levels of security.

Have one centralized source of truth

With a digitized document management system, policies and procedures are centralized in controlled repositories and are managed in alignment with regulations. Email notifications and subscriptions communicate new and changed policies to relevant people.

From both a compliance management perspective and from the perspective of your employees, this creates a single source of truth for all of your documents. Employees no longer have to spend time searching for documents, because with a DMS, they can instantly access any key documents they may require.

Streamline AP workflow 

The costs of manual processes include squandered time on data entry, missed early-pay discounts, and data entry errors. By leaving invoice capture and coding up to the DMS, you can reduce the time it takes to process invoices from weeks to days and eliminate data entry errors, catch duplicates and mitigate fraud. You can free up your staff who used to waste time on AP data entry so they can focus on more valuable tasks for your agency. You no longer have to wait for AP approval, either. With digital AP approval, you can process and approve invoices from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Automate vendor contract management

Managing and renegotiating vendor contracts is one of the most time-consuming long-term duties of government offices. Using digital document software streamlines and automates this process, making it easier to track changes to contracts, change orders, approvals, renewals, and renegotiations. Contract management software virtually eliminates the possibility of outdated or incorrect versions of a critical document being passed along for approval. With version control, you know who uploaded the latest version, so there is no question as to where the file stands. With the right software, you can even set up automated document renewal (including document expiry reminders), track expiration dates, and streamline contract approvals.

Know your data Is secure

There is no doubt that government agencies are prime targets for cybercriminals. In order to ensure data security and compliance, governments must choose the right document management platform. Document management for government agencies should keep documents in the hands of authorized users while maintaining the mission-critical task of avoiding leaks. Access to and modification of documents can be monitored by Milner’s intensive full suite of data security services. We cover all infrastructure components, make sure your system is up to date and keep your network free from any potential security weak spots.

Your constituents trust you – you can trust Milner

Milner knows that government agencies are required to protect personal data under local, state, and federal regulation, and are generally held to higher standards in terms of data security. With government agencies facing increased demands on shrinking budgets, document management software reduces the amount of staff time needed to coordinate and manage documents. A good DMS helps streamline document-based government processes by speeding up information retrieval, reducing storage costs, and increasing efficiency.

Updating the way you manage your documents, especially if you are still relying on a paper-based document management system, is one of the easiest ways you can make your agency more efficient while also being cost-effective. We’ll help you securely store all your vulnerable documents in a place that any employee can access at any time from anywhere while keeping your data safe. Schedule a demo with a Milner IT expert today.
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