Can your school benefit from Managed Print Services?


Apr 27, 2022

Increasingly, data is being exchanged between digital and paper formats in today's educational environment. Cloud-based managed print services (MPS) deliver the print infrastructure that allows administrators and staff members to securely print, scan, copy, and fax across the entire organization.

When you outsource your printing needs to a qualified MPS provider, you can be sure that your printer fleet is always functioning correctly and offering state-of-the-art print services. A trustworthy MPS partner will handle maintenance and orders, and supplies will be automatically reordered and delivered. With better device and network support, staff won't be forced to troubleshoot device issues. Additionally, resources can be directed towards initiatives that improve learning outcomes.

How can Managed Print Services help my school?

There are many challenges currently facing educational institutions. With fluctuating enrollment, budget cuts and reduced funding, it isn’t hard to see that schools need all the help they can get on a tight budget. School spending is under scrutiny now more than ever, including print expenses. Managed Print Services are often billed at fixed monthly rates, making budget forecasting easier and more accurate. Using Managed Print Services, you can plan ahead for supplies, so you won't end up with unused inventory or worse, run out at an inconvenient time, which may necessitate an expensive supply run or even take up valuable time in the classroom.

At the same time, schools also need to make sure that they are protecting confidential student data, including managing hardcopy and digital documents while making sure that they remain environmentally sustainable by reducing waste and recycling. That’s a lot for a lean team of educators and administrators to take on, especially when they have more pressing concerns. A managed print service relieves them of all of these tasks, enabling improved workflows, the elimination of unnecessary print, and offering significant cost savings.

Which schools can benefit from Managed Print Services?

Many different kinds of educational organizations benefit from managed print services including:

  • Public school systems
  • Private schools
  • Charter schools
  • Universities
  • Centers for community learning
  • Membership associations
  • Vocational schools

While schools and universities utilize printing processes every day, personalized MPS strategies can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each facility. In K-12 schools, printing equipment is used for worksheets, creative activities, and study materials. Using the printers and scanners is restricted to teachers and qualified individuals. It is therefore important that a K-12 MPS provider offers user-friendly equipment that produces quality materials quickly and efficiently so teachers are able to prepare lessons quickly, effectively, and reliably. In a college  or university setting, with the widespread use of plagiarism checker software, it has become rare for students to need to print out assignments. However, some courses still require paper copies for exams. However, even though students are less likely to need printing capabilities, print copies of readings may still be useful, especially for upper-level and graduate students.

Can managed print help with accessibility and security matters?

The majority of schools are spread across multiple campuses with hundreds or even thousands of printers. managed print enables teachers and students to easily print documents from any location within the network. Logging in with credentials allows the retrieval of print jobs from any printer. This not only allows for greater access but also greater security. As opposed to sending print jobs to a printer where anyone has access to see printed materials, opening up the possibility of compliance protocol breaches, managed print ensures that a print job sits in a queue until the user is able to retrieve their printed materials using a security feature like a PIN or a card.

How can my education institution get started with an MPS provider?

Getting started with an MPS provider involves an assessment of your current print environment, which may include monitoring output, inventorying existing devices, and analyzing workflows. After your provider assesses your current position, they will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes cost-saving solutions that can be implemented immediately. Milner can help you solve your school's printing challenges, so that teachers and administrators can focus on teaching and learning. Find out how your educational institution can become better protected through printing and just how much money your organization can save by getting in touch with a Milner managed print expert today.
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