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Printing money

May 31, 2019

90% of businesses have a cash leak that is going unnoticed. The source? Printers. These fussy devices tend to be very demanding; they take time away from IT, require expensive supplies, and can quickly become outdated. A managed print service program works like a life coach for these machines, straightening them up to work for your business and not against it. We will go into detail how a managed print service program can fully optimize your company's print investments and seal up the cash leak they normally cause.

Reduce print volumes and costs

It can be difficult to believe, but businesses can spend 1-10% of their yearly revenue on print costs. Enlisting a Managed Print Service can significantly reduce these costs; a major U.S. university cut paper volumes by 22% (about 9 million pages), saving $500,000 annually after enlisting one of these services. How is this possible? The average employee uses 38 pages of paper a day, with nearly half of these documents ending up in the trash. A Managed Print Service provides company insights like these through output volumes and utilization reports, identifying areas of waste while encouraging employee accountability regarding their daily paper yields.

Cutting waste is not the only way a Managed Print Service can reduce printing costs; a good service provider will also cut costs on every page by recommending efficient equipment based on optimizing your business needs. Decreasing the cost per page even by a couple of cents can quickly accumulate to saving your business hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.

Quick repair and covered supplies

Do you feel like your printers are broken more often than they are working? The average IT department spends 15% of their time responding to printer related issues, which is not a productive use of their time. A Managed Print Service promptly responds to networking and server support requests, and quickly replaces broken parts and services equipment for no extra cost.

50% of the total cost of your printer is in toner and supplies needed to create documents. A Managed Print Service not only reduces these resources needed for the production of your documents, but also covers the toner/ink for printers as needed.

Accessible technology and expert support

We recommend upgrading your printers/copiers at least every 3 to 5 years in order to get the most from your print devices regarding efficiency and productivity. A Managed Print Service gives you access to the latest print technology, upgrading your printer fleet at no additional cost every few years or as needed. This advantage not only provides you with modern security features and design tools, but also improve your organization's document production while reducing print costs.

Investing in a Managed Print Service gives you access to print specialists that can answer questions like: where is the best location to put my printers in the office? How do I reduce my company's carbon footprint? Which device is best for a specific task? The benefits of a Managed Print Service continue in the costs savings past down by the strong relationships your service provider maintains with the print manufacturers.

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