Should I bring my production printing in-house?


Nov 17, 2021

Some business owners may wonder if it is more convenient and cost-effective to outsource their printing to another location or if it is better to bring their printing in-house using production printing equipment. Print solutions that were previously found only at professional printers can now be found in your own office, depending on the size of your office and the needs of your organization. But is bringing your production printing in-house the right decision for your business?

As in any major decision concerning small business needs, there are many things to consider. Cost is usually the number one concern for businesses, but it's worth looking beyond the bottom line to discover why bringing production printing in-house may be the best choice for your business. The following are some frequently asked questions business owners ask when considering moving beyond multifunction devices (MFD) and Milner's best practices for bringing your small business’ printing in‑house

Q: What amount of printing justifies bringing printing in-house?

A: Printing costs can represent, on average, up to 3% of a business’ operating expenses. If cost is your primary concern, then bringing your production printing in-house may not be worth the cost if your business or organization spends less than $1,000 on printing each month.

Q: What is the largest advantage to bringing production printing in-house?

A: The biggest advantage to in-house production printing is the increase in control over your business’s brand and messaging. When you are in charge of your company’s printing output, you can control and tweak how things look as they are being produced, rather than having to trust that the printer will complete your job to your specifications and satisfaction. As a result of having control over your printing projects, both your printed and digital materials will be in alignment, allowing for continuity and consistency in your marketing efforts. One of the most convenient benefits of being in control of your production printing, however, is not having to search for an open 24-hour printer or wait until one opens when you need emergency or last-minute printing.

Q: How can bringing my printing in-house help grow my business?

A: As personalization becomes increasingly important, businesses must ensure their ability to customize stands out. Printing on-demand gives you the ability and flexibility to customize collateral for specific customers, product lines, divisions and events. Additionally, having your own production printer can help your business reduce waste by using on-demand printing. When you outsource your production printing, you may have to make larger orders of several thousand units or more. If any part of the information on the printed material changes, that material becomes incorrect or out of date and those leftover collateral is often thrown away. With on-demand printing, your materials are always up-to-date, allowing you to save money and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Q: What are the security risks and benefits of bringing my printing in-house?

A: Organizations who outsource production printing must pay close attention to what type of data is printed, where that data is sent, and how the outsourced printer handles, uses, and stores that data once it is received. If you are printing any documents with potentially sensitive information, then outsourcing your printing can leave your information vulnerable in any number of situations that are outside your control. By moving your production printing in-house, your sensitive data will be kept protected. As an additional security measure, you can install software on your devices to maintain the highest level of protection. This way, you are in control of updating the software rather than relying on your printer to do so.

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