Print myths: Are color copies & prints much more expensive?

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Jun 16, 2021

From replacement cartridges to more expensive color laser printers, the printing process for color prints has long been viewed as pricier than the supposedly more economical choice of black and white prints. The misconception of major differences in price can be attributed to several different, and somewhat outdated, factors, and it can vary wildly across different printing options.

However, color printing, especially with today's hardware and software advancements, can be a smart choice that fits well in your company's budget and can pay off in the long run. In order to manage your company's printing expenses, you need to evaluate the type of printing you are using the most and determine how you can make the most of your office's time and money.

Should I forgo printing color documents to save money?

One of the most common misconceptions about the cost of color printing is that it is significantly higher than the cost of monochrome documents and black and white copies. On the contrary, when your company invests in the right printing devices and a volume ink supply, you can significantly increase your print quality and break free from limited choices while decreasing your overall costs. Consider investing in high-quality color commercial printers or multi-functional printers and copiers.

When you use more advanced technology as opposed to cheap inkjet printers, it is a larger up-front cost, but it will save a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have a high monthly print volume. Since your printer will make fewer mistakes and result in fewer reprints, this cost-saving option can help reduce your actual cost per print and overall paper cost over time.

How can my organization make the most of its printing budget in an office setting?

You need to evaluate your company's unique printing needs and focus on volume printing. By purchasing color cartridges, photo paper, and other printing supplies in bulk, you can dramatically reduce your overall cost per print job. You can also use multi-function printers to copy, print, and more, as opposed to using several different inkjet printers, copiers, and other tools.

This can help reduce the cost of replacement hardware, decrease downtime and lead to minimal setup time. While multi-function printers might sound too good to be true, they are much more affordable and accessible than you might think. You can learn more about multifunction printers by clicking here.

You can also set company rules for printing in the office to reduce budget waste. You can primarily use cheap paper for internal document printing and only use more expensive sheets of paper for special projects, such as photo printing or documents to be used for client presentations.

You can also cut down on overall spending by printing internal documents double-sided as opposed to single-sided, making more widespread use of digital files when possible, and using managed print services.

Why is color printing not as expensive as it used to be?

Advancements in technology, lower costs of multiple colors of ink, and easier access to large quantities of paper have significantly lowered the initial cost of color printing. You and your company no longer have to rely on slow, expensive desktop printers and inkjet cartridges that seem to run out of ink once a week. With today's faster and more economical color laser printers, you can save both time and money, even on complex images.

The common perception of color copying being too pricey and inefficient for the average office comes from decades of slow, wasteful technology. Only five to ten years ago, office workers would have to wait upwards of two to four minutes to print one full-page photo in color.

Color ink cartridges had to be replaced frequently, and they were much more expensive than simple black ink. With recent technological advancements, printers and copiers can do several jobs at once, printing images in a fraction of the time and using much less ink than before.

In a similar vein, color ink is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. You can have one centralized tricolor cartridge as opposed to three separate ones, saving you time and money. It also helps you avoid surprise ink depletion in the middle of a print job.

Finally, you have easier access to a wide variety and large quantity of paper. Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on one ream of photo-quality paper, you can buy high-quality paper in bulk and in different sizes. This, once again, saves you both time and money.

What are the benefits of using color printing?

Color printing helps boost your company's reputation and branding. Instead of only using black and white versions of your company's logo and letterhead, you can use the full-color versions on business forms,  business cards, and more. By using color printing for your brand, you can make your company almost one and a half times more memorable than it would be otherwise.

This can have a major impact on your bottom line, and the minimal cost of color printing will more than pay for itself in new and repeat customers over time.

Using color in presentations and print-outs can also help your clients understand important information much easier. For example, you can use multiple colors in a pie chart of your client's expenses as opposed to a boring, monochromatic black and white list. Since different people learn in different ways, this can make your information much more accessible as well as visually pleasing.

How can Milner help my company make the most of color printing?

Milner's managed print services are an economical option that can help your office's copiers and printers reach their full potential. By making the most use out of your existing equipment and determining how technological advancements can save you both time and money, you can get the absolute most bang for your buck.

Milner can take printing-related security concerns off your plate as well, benefitting your IT department and freeing up their time so they can tackle more pressing concerns in your organization.

You don't have to sacrifice good branding and client communication and restrict yourself and your organization to a black and white world. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use color printing and copying to boost your brand while also saving you money.

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