5 Clear Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Printer or Copier

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Oct 17, 2019

There is an unspoken – or not so unspoken – war being fought in many offices between employees and the printers/copiers they use on a daily basis. Depending on the age of your equipment, your team may be familiar with some of these battles; poor quality documents, consistent downtime, and excessive or inconsistent ink usage. Repairs and maintenance will only provide temporary relief to your staff, and over time, these problems will add up and become a serious detriment to your organization’s productivity and budget.

Here are a few signs that it is time to bring peace to your office and upgrade your equipment:

Reduced efficiency

Cost per page (cpp) and page per minute (ppm) are two things to consider when assessing the efficiency of your printers and copiers. Each year, the innovation in these devices becomes more conservative with resource management, which lowers your cost. Newer machines also come with more options to give you more control over your documents while increasing your productivity, letting you complete complicated tasks in a fraction of the time it would take on older models.

Aging equipment

Printers and copiers are not like wine and cheese – they do not get better with age. Though the lifespan of these devices vary slightly by model, overall usage, and care given, experts recommend replacing your printers and copiers generally after 5 years to take advantage of the innovation in new models. This is because the advancements in the newer model’s technological benefits outweigh the total cost of owning older machines.

Lack of security

As hackers become more adept at accessing remote machines so does the engineers behind newer office printers and copiers. A report by IDC showed that 35 percent of all security breaches could be traced back to unsecured printers. Modern security features to look for are password protection, encrypted hard drives, and secure scan and fax options. For healthcare industries these features are especially important as HIPAA regulations require heavy security measures. Check to be sure your devices are secure no matter their age by downloading our free printer security checklist

Accumulating costs

It’s easy for the price tag of a new printer and copier to overshadow the overall costs that your current machinery is costing your business. However, an aging device requires more maintenance and replacement parts become more expensive to obtain. Adding to that the fact that older models typically have higher toner and energy consumption than newer devices, the benefits of replacing your machines will easily outweigh the upkeep needed to keep your current devices functional.

Hindering business goals

If you are in the process of expanding your business or experiencing growth, you should be considering investing in new office equipment that can keep up with your demands and performance goals. A slow or high maintenance printer or copier takes time away from your team members and the documents produced will most likely not match your output expectations in volume, speed, and quality.

By upgrading your dated printers and copiers you can give your team an ally in the office that will improve workflow and efficiency. 

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