Automatically Transform Information

Dictation and speech recognition software is revolutionizing how people communicate and document information in the workplace. With Milner’s modern, innovative devices from industry leaders like Dolbey, Philips and Olympus, you can work three times as fast by having your words accurately transcribed the moment you say them. Our equipment will eliminate the need for typing and manually documenting your narratives for your records.


Dictation and Speech Recognition

We can provide award winning speech recognition software and dictation devices allows you to turn your words into action, literally. Create spreadsheets, draft documents and emails, alert assistants of critical information, file data, and take notes in a fraction of the time. Our software allows you to work smarter, not harder.


Less Effort, More Results

Voice recognition software has been becoming more advanced every year and increasingly, more applications relying on the technology. Dictate documents with 99% accuracy and add your own customized abbreviations to the system to save even more time. With our innovative technology, you can automate tasks to significantly improve productivity.

  • Improve workflow: Why do the work twice when you do not have to? By automating the transcription process, you can cut out time spent on the computer typing out what you already said earlier in the day. You can also automate simple, repetitive tasks like data entry with our dictation devices. 
  • Improve Productivity: Modern speech recognition technology fits in the palm of your hand and can connect to your entire network instantly. Our devices are advanced enough to quickly decipher complex language while the speaker talks in a fluent and natural tone. 


Transform Information

Our simple to use devices can empower your voice to control your workflow and increase turnaround time to improve the overall efficiency of your workplace. Join the many healthcare practices, law firms, and other organizations that take advantage of this game changing technology and save hours of work every day.