Wide Format Printers

What large documents do you need to print? Whether its blueprints, schematics, posters, photos, or maps for CAD or GIS, wide-format printers are more affordable and easier-to-use than ever. If you need to produce 11”x17” (tabloid size) or 13”x19” documents, Milner’s selection of wide format printers can help you do the job. Create stunning professional-grade prints without leaving your office.

Considering a wide format printer for your business? 

If the answer is yes, see why so many businesses with demanding print requirements choose wide format printers for their business needs.

Here are a few features & benefits: 


Professional Grade Color

Produce sharply designed images in black & white and full color without leaving the production room floor at a lower cost than outsourcing.

Reduce Costs

Printing your projects in-house can save your business thousands of dollars. Wide format printing options can help increase performance while keeping costs down.


Versatile Printing

Customize projects around your vision. With a wide format printer, you can print jobs up to 60 inches in width.

Print On-Demand

No more waiting on the print shop for your job. With our wide format systems, you will have greater productivity, increased efficiency and less time wasted.


Multi-function Capabilities

Some wide format printers can include options like scanning and other features allowing you to print projects, make annotations, and scan changes to an email. Making it easy to fit your large projects into a standard internal workflow.

Are you currently spending too much to print?

Organizations can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print. Find out your total cost of printing and lower your overhead with a free print assessment.

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Is Your All-in-One Printer Secure?

Wireless printers are an easy target for hackers. Want to know if your organization is at risk? Download our free checklist to secure your printer today!

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