Cracking the Code: Tips for selecting a technology vendor that checks all the boxes


Jun 6, 2023

Choosing the right technology vendor for your business is crucial for a successful partnership. However, it's not uncommon to encounter vendors who fail to meet expectations, causing frustration and hindering progress. As a technology vendor ourselves, we've listened to our clients' experiences and learned valuable lessons along the way.

In this blog post, we want to share our insights and provide you with tips for selecting a technology vendor who prioritizes your success.

  1. Check for industry experience

    When choosing a vendor, ensure they have relevant experience in your industry. Avoid vendors who see your partnership as a learning opportunity. Business technology is becoming increasingly specialized, so opt for vendors who possess in-depth knowledge of both the technology they offer and the industry they serve.

  2. Assess communication skills

    Vendor communication is critical for a fruitful partnership. Some vendors excel at communication during the sales process but fall short afterward. To gauge their communication capabilities, observe how they listen, address concerns, and keep their internal team well-informed. Effective communication is a key factor in a successful vendor-client relationship.

  3. Evaluate help desk services

    Your experience with a vendor's help desk can significantly impact your operations. Not all help desks are created equal, so it's important to find one that truly assists you when needed. Seek a vendor with a responsive and helpful help desk that can promptly address any technical issues or user support needs.

  4. Speak with current customers

    One of the best indicators of a quality vendor is a roster of satisfied customers. Request contact information for current customers and have a conversation about their experience working with the vendor. This firsthand insight can provide valuable information and help you gauge the vendor's reliability and customer satisfaction.

  5. Consider vendor consolidation

    Some vendors offer consolidated services, streamlining your technology solutions. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors for various needs, find a vendor that can provide multiple services under one umbrella. For example, a vendor offering Managed IT, Managed Print, and Cloud Voice services can simplify your technology landscape and enhance efficiency.

Choosing the right technology vendor is crucial for your business's success. Remember to prioritize industry experience when selecting a vendor to ensure they understand your unique requirements. As you evaluate your current technology vendor or search for a new one, ask yourself: "Does my technology vendor truly check all the boxes?" Assess their capabilities, responsiveness, and alignment with your needs to make an informed decision.

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