Why your business is better with digital signage


May 11, 2022

Digital signage has become more prevalent and influential in our everyday lives, providing new opportunities for businesses. As digital signs continue to evolve from passive displays to interactive tools that can connect, interact, and pull content from a range of sources in real time, it's clear that they offer a new level of advertising and communication. What are the implications of this evolution for your business and how can you capitalize on its increasing popularity? Milner is here to help amplify your messaging with a strategic digital signage solution that can work externally, internally and even within your partnered services network.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to any digital display including LED displays, projectors, and LCD monitors that exhibits dynamic content through the use of screens. Traditional digital signage exhibits information or promotional material, regardless of whether viewers pay attention to them or not. It's a way to broadcast time-orchestrated content including videos and still images to specific screens in predetermined locations.

Most digital displays currently aren't interactive; however, as innovative ways to engage with consumers offer brands and organizations new ways to tackle an age-old challenge, interactive engagement is now considered a key component of success. Self-ordering kiosks are appearing at quick-service restaurants, smart shopping screens are taking over supermarkets, touchscreen walls and wayfinder kiosks are provided at museums, and the public and service sectors are rapidly adopting interactive kiosk solutions.

Both traditional digital signage and interactive digital signage use can enhance any business's marketing strategy by bringing consumers' attention to brand messaging and information that is tailored to their particular experience. And their reach extends beyond just customers: digital screen content acts as an excellent tool for communicating with employees within an individual organization or across partnered services.

Below are a few key areas where digital signage can enhance your company's communication and reach.

The marketing benefits of digital signage

Digital signage is an effective way to communicate with customers, help customers get more information about products and services, and enhance customer engagement. With the right digital signage software, you can display information such as menu items, specials or product availability. You can also use it to promote your business by displaying messages about upcoming events or promotions much more effectively than with traditional signs.

Using electronic signage rather than paper-based POS systems can lead to increased revenue and significant cost savings. Electronic signage saves money since there is no need to print or deliver new signs. In addition, digital signs are better for the environment and can help your company reduce its carbon footprint; reducing ink and toner costs means less waste, and electronic signs use less energy than traditional paper-based POS systems.

The internal communication benefits of digital signage

There are many uses for digital screens beyond communicating with clients and customers. Digital signs are also useful for communication within an organization, helping get a team or your entire staff on the same page even if they're located at different sites. Clear and captivating communication increases engagement, which in turn improves productivity: companies that communicate effectively are 4 times more likely to report high employee engagement, and engaged employees are 12 times more likely to stay at their jobs.

Having effective, visual communication allows your employees to understand and embrace the organization's vision and mission. However, the value of internal communication strategies is only evident if your employees are able to see them. Using screen-based communications like digital signage makes this possible by sharing your thoughts directly with your employees in a way that can be shared remotely without getting lost in email inboxes.

Signs placed in employees' areas are not only effective communicators, they can motivate, inspire and encourage employees to work in innovative ways. Using screens as a leaderboard can inspire employees to maximize their sales and compete with other internal teams. Digital signs can also be used to motivate employees through appreciation programs which also increase motivation.

And perhaps most importantly, in an age of work-from-anywhere policies, digital signage is the perfect tool to let everyone know what your company's values are and reinforce those values across brands and cross-promotional relationships. Using digital signs to display customer testimonials, positive reviews of websites, press releases, or Google or Facebook reviews can help you establish effective and constructive relationships with your brand partners across channels and within larger partnerships.

The data-driven benefits of interactive digital display

With interactive digital signage, you can engage your customers in more meaningful and authentic ways. Interactive digital signage allows companies to deliver content to their clients and customers while allowing the audience to control the content. Through this interactive technology, customers can connect with content that may include product research, inventory location, views of additional product options, and can even virtually "try on" products. These interactive displays allow every user to get the specific information that's relevant to their needs without being bombarded by advertisements or information they don't care about. This enables targeted audiences, like generational cohorts, to learn more about your company and make informed, targeted purchases over traditional static displays.

Building a strong relationship with your customers means making it easy for them to make informed purchasing decisions. With interactive signage, you can share crucial information with your customers and guests so that they can get what they need faster. And this has endless benefits for marketing for your business. You can use this strategy to gather valuable pieces of data from your customers, such as an email address and a name. This data can then be used to deliver a more efficient marketing message to them in a way you couldn't do otherwise.

The strategic benefits of working with an IT partner

Whether it's one screen or a global network, it doesn't get better than interactive or traditional digital signage displays for communicating effectively. Digital signs can help you engage your viewers for tangible, bottom-line benefits, whether you are a company, school, hospital, retailer, hotel or government office. Contact Milner today to talk to an IT expert about how our digital signage can help your company create a successful digital signage strategy.
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