The importance of updating your business desktop phone system


Feb 9, 2022

Many business owners are currently looking at their communications infrastructure to determine what investments will keep them competitive. Moving to a cloud-based phone system is a common goal, but the process can seem overwhelming and challenging. Milner knows there's no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses, including a specific timeline during which a move to the cloud needs to happen. By having a singular communications service that makes sure your existing technology is current while helping you move to the cloud, your business can remain agile and competitive.

Why updating your current office desktop phone system is so important

If your business' current business phone system is outdated it can impact more than voice quality or quality of service. In the absence of an upgrade to your company's systems, you're not maximizing the investment you've made in your current technology, and worse, you aren't providing your employees with the advanced technologies they need to maximize their productivity. 

The migration from traditional PBX systems to a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution has been underway for some time now. The benefits of this change include cost savings, improved productivity, and increased flexibility, all without the need for additional equipment. However, many business owners have yet to make the transition from legacy phone systems to cloud-based phone systems, believing that upgrading their traditional phone systems just isn't that important. Undervaluing the value of upgrading your traditional phone system can result in a variety of problems farther down the road. Here are three reasons why updating your business phone system should be considered a top priority:

  1. Updated technology is more cost-effective
    Upgrading your business phones to a cloud phone system could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses over the next few years. Migrating to VoIP systems can eliminate the need to keep separate voice and data networks which may help reduce costs. Cloud-based systems are customizable to meet your needs, reducing confusion and upfront costs, as many vendors offer monthly subscriptions. Moreover, with a cloud phone system, you can utilize your existing broadband connection, add new phone lines and set up phone systems at new locations with minimal investment, as well as manage your entire telephone system from an easy-to-use dashboard. VoIP scales with your business as it grows and expands and can change with you when your business requires more flexibility.
  2. You need new technology to get ahead
    In-person meetings and phone calls still remain critical, but workers can no longer rely solely on their desk phone for this vital communication. An agile and responsive workforce needs the ability to conduct online meetings, email, text, chat, screenshare, and more. To be competitive, a workforce needs a unified communication system, that includes collaboration tools, that enables it to function beyond mobile phones and other mobile devices. Any tools that you may rely on, such as IP systems and platforms, will give you options for communication and collaboration. In addition to offering conference calling, call presence, call routing, "find me, follow me," and a variety of other features, current VoIP platforms offer an intuitive interface, boosting productivity while improving customer communication. Whether they are working in an office, hybrid, or remote employees, your workforce will benefit from the ability to conduct online meetings and make business calls as needed.
  3. Outdated technology leaves you vulnerable
    Technology that is constantly evolving, including the enhanced functionality of newer cloud phone systems, must be regularly updated. VoIP hacking and attacks can originate from the internet or your telephone lines, in order to exploit any number of different vulnerabilities. This can lead to toll fraud, theft of confidential information, and revenue loss for your organization. Updating your business phone service to a cloud-hosted phone system will help you keep all your employees' and business' devices secure.

    As companies are increasingly dispersed and reliant on remote workers, even daily emails and phone calls can contain sensitive information. With the integration of voice, data, and image capabilities in IP-based communications systems, those systems are an ideal target for cybercriminals looking to breach your data security. Outdated software leaves them open to security attacks - the older the software, the greater the chances of finding a way to exploit it. VoIP is today quite secure, as demonstrated by the fact that it has survived penetration testing for more than two decades. Despite the fact that security threats are evolving, VoIP service providers remain very safe.

    But it's not just vulnerability from hackers and criminals that you're left with if you don't upgrade your unified communications systems, you will also be left vulnerable to system outages. Old phone lines, and even access to communication via mobile devices can be damaged by external factors such as storms and limit your business's ability to communicate. Traditional phone systems can be rendered useless by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, inefficient infrastructure, and aging equipment. Physically repairing outages is costly, but they are also costly in terms of revenue lost and reputation damaged long-term. It is essential for your business to have a working communication system, even during severe weather emergencies. That's why you need a modern phone system.

It's time for a better business phone system

A move to cloud-based systems needs to happen when you need it, with the technology and support that you need. Replace your old on-premise business telephone system with a more flexible, feature-rich, and less expensive cloud-based communications platform. Don’t be caught underestimating the importance of modern office desktop phones and reach out to Milner to request a demo for the right phone solution today. new milner phone CTA