ICYMI: Milner Ignites 2021


Feb 24, 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us, and just as organizations worldwide changed and innovated their businesses to survive and grow, Milner too made changes in how to bring businesses together. Milner, supported by Platinum Sponsor HP, hosted its first ever fully-virtual, end-to-end technology summit and trade show focused on cybersecurity Tuesday, Feb 16th, and I was fortunate enough to attend the highly informative, engaging experience! With standout keynote speakers, including former Navy Seal Jocko Willink, HP security experts Shivaun Albright and Juergen Bayer, and an Intelligence Analyst from the FBI Cybersecurity Division — along with FOURTEEN unique expert breakout sessions — Milner Ignites 2021 showed that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, the cybersecurity and technology community remains as strong and dedicated to keeping each other safe and informed as ever before. If you were unable to catch the event this year, check out our recap below. And if you registered, but were unable to attend, you can still access ALL of the sessions and resources till March 16!

The Scene

“Awesome intro page!! Feels like I am there” - Gary Rigelsky

Upon logging into the event Tuesday morning, I was welcomed with an intro video from Tom McMahon, Regional VP at Milner. I was then taken straight to the Lobby area, which featured a bustling simulated entrance hall environment that transported me back to walking into a new event experience. I was both nervous and excited to have a look around and network!


The intuitively-designed, interactive lobby featured all the familiar attractions found at past Milner Ignites events – including the Auditorium to attend Breakout Sessions and Keynote Speakers/Q&A sessions, Exhibition Hall and Information Desk. The lobby also hosted options for attendees to schedule 1-on-1 sessions with the Experts, a Resource Center filled with educational goodies and a chatroom integration for attendees to connect and discuss conference topics and ask questions. Another standout feature that kept attendees very motivated and excited — the Leaderboard. Attendees were encouraged to collect points by attending sessions, asking questions, and viewing exhibitor videos and documents for the chance to win one of the hourly Microsoft Surface Go 2 -10.5" tablet giveaways or, the grand prize, a brand new Peloton bike! Though I was personally ineligible to compete, I felt a stronger urge to participate in all the offerings and loved watching my score go up!

The Swag

“All of the booths in the Exhibit Hall look amazing. The videos and content - spot on!!” - Bret Aks

Showcasing interactive booths from 20 sponsor vendors, the Milner Ignites Exhibit Hall certainly delivered in the swag department. Attendees could click through and browse loads of video and downloadable content, add their favorites to their virtual “Swag Bag”, and even enter to win sweepstakes for a chance to win a Ricoh THETA 360-degree camera!

Sponsor Vendors included: Milner, HP, Ricoh, Docuware, Mitel, Lexmark, The Y, Papercut, Psigen Software Inc., Critical Path Security, WatchGuard, Konica Minolta, Datto, Image Director, Cheney Brothers, DLL Financial Solutions Partner, GreatAmerica Financial Services, LBA Inc., GGA Insurance Group, Dragon, LBA Inc.

The Sessions

There was no lack of substantive breakout session topics, spanning Cybercrime, Cyber Attacks and Cyber Insurance, Cloud and Print Management, Employee hiring and engagement strategies, eCommerce trends – the list goes on (see below)! After these expert speakers from Lexmark, Mitel, Ricoh, Docuware (among others) delivered their presentations, attendees were thrilled to get the unique opportunity to engage directly with them in the specified chat room afterwards. As somebody who routinely psyched themselves out when approaching speakers at past conferences, I particularly enjoyed this choice for interaction.

Expert Breakout Session Roster

Hear from the Experts: Your Secret Weapon In Your War Against Cybercrime

Eric Torres
Datto, Inc.

Four ways to improve efficiency and do more with less using document management and workflow

John Lopez

Accelerating Cloud Strategy for Print Management

Daniel Hammond

We know Customer Experience is Critical... but what about the Employee Experience?

LouAnn Jones

CyberSecurity During A Pandemic: Why Our Cybersecurity Strategies And Livers Are Failing

Patrick Kelley
Critical Path Security

The Value of eCommerce


Tired of those pesky papercuts? Make digital documents work for you!

Mike Reno and Chris Scalera

Combat the changing industry with the correct tools

Cheney Brothers Inc.

A Path To Hiring Success

Sally Brause
PathShare HR

Future Proofing Your Healthcare Organization

Dan Scmidt
Konica Minolta

Does Milner sell Thermal printers?

JoAnna Witting

A Journey of Discovery in Cybersecurity

Marc Laliberte

Looking for Compliance, Cost Recovery, Security, or Mobile Printing? PaperCut MF is the solution.

Jeff McWilliams and Jason Andrews
PaperCut MF

Cyber Insurance: More important than ever in responding and recovering from a Cyber Attack

Joe Hernandez
Gil Garden Avetrani Insurance Group

The Keynote Speakers

“Truly a top shelf event! Thanks to the team at Milner for putting this together! Really enjoyed a one-stop place to check out products and services. Jocko was superb!” - Eric McDonald

The excitement surrounding the keynote speaker presentations — especially Jocko Willink — was palpable in the Milner chatroom Tuesday morning. And though the former U.S. Navy Seal was relegated to the confined speaking space of a zoom call, in his session “Leadership at Every Level,” he delivered a high-energy, fully-engaged 60 minutes where he spoke about the dichotomy of leadership while creatively interweaving edge-of-your-seat combat stories with practical leadership concepts and principles. “Jocko was an excellent speaker. Really enjoyed his presentation,” said attendee Erick Hernandez. Willink’s presentation was followed by a live Q&A session moderated by Fox Sports Florida Kelly Saco, where attendees appeared energized and happy for the chance to engage with the larger-than-life motivational author and podcaster.


Following Willink, HP Security Experts Shivaun Albright and Juergen Bayer presented “The Need for a Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy – Do you have one?” where they covered the current security threat landscape and how businesses can adapt their endpoint security strategy. In the session, they explained how to better secure a dynamic workforce of both remote and onsite workers — more important and relevant than ever as we move into our new normal and feel the security impact and threats of working remotely.

“Great sessions so far today. Love the inventiveness of the concept and the site. Well done Milner!” - Shane Wingo

The final standout speaker session, “Confronting Cyber Threats Facing Industry” presented by an Intelligence Analyst from the FBI Miami Cyber Division, gave an eye-opening synopsis of the current cybersecurity landscape and what we can do to protect themselves from cyber criminals, how to actually report a cyber crime, and the FBI's efforts in combating evolving cyber threats.

No matter the industry you work in, staying abreast of current cybersecurity and technological trends is critically important for the future of your organization. With cyber-attacks evolving and changing by the minute, it's important to understand what it takes to protect yourself. After attending Milner Ignites 2021, I can confidently say I feel exponentially better informed with best practices to help my business and employees remain protected and productive during these unpredictable times. I came away with countless resources and new connections, despite physically attending from the comfort of my own home! Oh, and not to mention, all of this was 100% FREE. Thank you, Milner, for the unforgettable, invaluable experience!

At Milner, we know how important it is for you to stay informed of the latest cybersecurity trends and ever-evolving threats from field experts. Are you ready to move your business forward in 2021? We're ready to help! Whether you’re looking for a live demo, more information on a specific product from one of our Milner Ignites partners, or access to a free trial, we’ve got someone ready to help you. Simply fill out the form here and tell us what you’re interested in, and a member of our team will follow-up with you soon.

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