How offices have changed in 2020

How Office Tech Has Evolved in 2020

Dec 30, 2020

It’s that time of year when we look back on the previous year and reflect on how things have changed. No one could have predicted the changes that 2020 brought, and with them, the workplace changed immensely. Not only has office technology evolved but the way we work together as a team has changed. Here are some of the biggest changes we’ve seen in our work lives in 2020. 

The remote office

Of course, the biggest change that offices saw is the switch to remote work. In March, the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home a necessity. We all found the best video conferencing platforms so we could meet remotely, we upgraded our home offices with Bluetooth keyboards and wireless mice, and we found the best chat and file sharing tools so that we could collaborate with the rest of our team virtually.

Many offices have discovered how productive mixed reality environments can be with tools like shared digital whiteboards, online sticky notes, and live co-editing of documents. Many companies have found that with the combination of voice, video, chat, and collaboration tools, all team members are able to contribute as opposed to being drowned out by those that have a forceful presence or a loud voice.

The internet of things 

Offices are smarter now with the internet of things (IoT). Many manufacturers are engineering sensors into devices so that they can make remote adjustments and provide live status reports. These sensors will allow devices to communicate with and share data with other devices.

The internet of things can allow tedious tasks like booking a meeting (finding an open space, reserving the meeting, making sure all of the technology is working, making sure the temperature is good in the meeting room, etc.) to be easy and convenient.


With so many remote workers, there has been quite a shift in the importance of cybersecurity. Concerns about workers accessing sensitive company information have led to developments in user authentication. To make authentication easier and more convenient for users, mobile devices are being used in conjunction with near field contact (NFC) technology.

An office's IT set up has also become more important. Especially in a set up where many workers are in different places, businesses need to ensure that they have reliable IT systems in place, whether that's through managed IT or a dedicated IT department. There has been more of an emphasis on data privacy, preventing ransomware attacks, and new artificial-intelligence-based solutions.

Looking forward to 2021

As we look forward to 2021, it will be interesting to see how the workplace continues to evolve. Experts have predicted the internet of things will grow in 2021 to an exponential rate. Other experts have predicted that we will see more artificial intelligence.

At Milner, we are dedicated to offering the best services for your office in 2021 and beyond. From all of us here at Milner, we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2021.