5 Reasons Automotive Dealerships Should Implement Document Management

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Oct 14, 2020

Automotive dealers have mountains of paperwork associated with every deal, every service procedure and every part or supply ordered. With so many documents, implementing enterprise content management software is an easy decision with benefits from purchasing supplies to the final sales and beyond in the back-office functions like AP processing.

While there are dozens of reasons to invest in enterprise content management software, here are five ways it will benefit your dealership.

1) Efficiently Store, Access & Route Documents

Ever wish you could just find a document in an instant without sifting through file cabinets that hold documents from 10 or 20 years ago, perhaps even longer?

Enterprise content management software allows you to access a document any time – whenever and wherever – is most convenient. If you need to look up information on a customer that purchased a car 10 years ago, it can be found in an instant. And automated workflows ensure that documents, including invoices are processed quickly and efficiently, from start to finish.

2) Quickly & Securely Retrieve Files

Finding documents is fast via Google-like search function. As a result, the time saved frees up employees to perform tasks more important than searching for documents. And since you no longer have to keep dozens of file cabinets of paperwork, physical space and storage costs are saved, as is the cost associated with paper, folders, staples, and staples.

3) Maintain Regulatory Compliance

With the software, audit trails are created automatically, with the proper security settings. This is incredibly important to a dealership considering it must hold financial and customer identity information.

4) Streamline Operations

When enterprise content management software is integrated with current AP and invoicing processes, those tasks no longer require as much employee interaction, freeing up time and reducing the risk of financial errors. Now employees have more time to meet with customers and manage the automotive operations chain.

5) Improve Customer Service

Being able to easily pull up information on customers when you need it helps serve the customers faster and more efficiently than you would be able to with old-fashioned paper filing. And, if your dealership has multiple locations, finding customer records is convenient without worrying about with which location the customer initially conducted business.

Ready to take the first step in automating your dealership’s mountain of paperwork? Talk to an expert today!