4 Ways Technology Can Drain Your Productivity

Overwhelmed with technology

May 8, 2020

When it comes to business productivity, not all technology was created equal. Even devices that are essential such as smart phones and emails can actual hinder your team's efficiency. These double-edged swords of technology need to be yielded with discipline in order to make them effective and keep your team productive.

Constant communication

Staying connected through mobile devices is always a pro for your employees, right? Not if they are trying to focus on a task or attend a meeting. The disruptions from phones have become so bad that some companies have policies banning them from conference rooms. It can be hard to pull away from your screens especially with the constant notifications from multiple applications designed to keep your attention. We recommend changing your phone settings to alert you only when specific people are calling, or setting your phone to airplane mode – eliminated all notifications. This will not only help you pay attention to other things, but also helps you appear tactful and professional in the workplace.

Slow network support

Having a fast-paced network is essential for running a successful business. Your network contains all your information and requires updates and support to stay secure. If your network is compromised or has slow support hen downtime can occur, potentially costing your company hundreds or even thousands of dollars per minute during peak hours. Employing a competent team of experts can prevent threats and recover your systems quickly, without risking your organization's integrity and finances. Learn how even a small business can have the IT service of larger organizations without the high in-house costs with Managed IT Services.

Excessive emails

Your business runs on information and the most common form of communicating this data is through email. However, this vital tool can act much less like a lifeline and much more a diversion when relied on too heavily. Too many emails can impede our ability to communicate properly. Complicated or important tasks need to be explained over the phone or in-person. To avoid wasting too many minutes a day checking and responding to messages, treat your email less like an ongoing task and more like a daily assignment, checking it only during certain times. Be sure to utilize your Outlook calendar to let your coworkers know when these times are, and when you are unavailable to quickly respond.

Slow equipment

Sometimes technology slows us down, not because of their innovation, but rather due to the uncertainty of their lifespans. Most companies hold on to their devices too long, fearing high replacement and updating costs more than the slow production costs associated with outdated machinery. In reality, replacing outdated equipment is much more profitable thanks to the new features offered by current devices as well as their speed and efficiency.

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