Our Suggestions to Keep Your Equipment Germ-Free


Mar 13, 2020

With so many people touching the control panel, document feeder, output trays, and drawer handles every day, your office copiers and printers can be a hotspot for germs. 

To clean these areas, we recommend that you first power down your device, pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth, and wipe down the frequently touched areas. Though it might seem easier to use a wet towel or Clorox wipe, these options are not as sanitary or safe for the copier or print device. 

While it is tempting to spray the glass of your copier with Windex, we highly recommend that you do not use that as a cleaning product for your equipment. We suggest using a very mild glass cleaner and spraying that solution directly onto a lint-free cloth to clean your device.

Finally, to help avoid the spread of illness, we also suggest that everyone in your workplace follow CDC recommendations for hand-washing and COVID-19 prevention. In times when it is not possible or practical for you to power down and sanitize your equipment (for example, in the middle of a workday), basic precautionary measures like proper hand-washing and hygiene are essential.