Is Your Company Ready to Move to a Unified Communications Service?

unified communications

Oct 23, 2019

Most companies today rely on multiple forms of communications including phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and video conferencing calls to get business done efficiently. Paying for these services individually typically mean bigger bills and less integration. If your company relates to any of the following statements then a unified communication system can be beneficial to your business goals.

We expect growth in the near future

Growth in a business is almost always positive but one of the challenging implications of it is exponential cost involving communication systems. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) have built in scalable costs that can help you manage your communication budget appropriately. They also have the added benefit of technical support that is necessary to negate growing pains through easy upgrades and scalable systems.

We want to improve our customer service experience

Giving your customers multiple ways to reach you such as voice calls, instant messaging, chat, and email, can reduce your wait times and increase customer satisfaction. You can also leverage self-service portals through social media channels, streamlining your customer's access to you. Having all your customer service communications working in unison is the easiest way to manage customer information, monitor satisfaction, and integrate with new technologies as needed.

We have several locations or remote employees

Being geographically limited is becoming less common for all types of businesses. It is essential that employees stay functional and connected while traveling or working remotely. Unified communication systems include multiple ways to communicate while on the go without being limited by location. With the integrative software, communication can continue seamlessly on several devices without needing to log in and out of the program.

We are looking to revamp our image

Investing in new technology can give your clients and business partners an impression of growth and efficiency, especially practical innovations like unified communication. The improved streamline of a UC will impact communication on all fronts, internal and external, and showcase your business as tech savvy. An UCaaS also helps your systems stay up-to-date with quick and simple software upgrades.

The reluctance to transition to a unified communications service comes from concerns spanning from the training needed to implement a new system, and the potential waste of unnecessary tools included – nobody wants to pay for something they do not use.

However, a unified communication service is a cost effective communications solution and provides strong support to help you smoothly transition from your current technologies.

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