How Speech Recognition is Changing the Way Multiple Industries Work

Speech Recognition

Apr 2, 2019

Imagine if Siri could recognize your voice the first time, every time you used it. Unlike other speech recognition software which uses a generic voice profile for everyone using it, professional voice recognition devices analyze distinct traits in each user's speech to create unique voice profiles. The intuitive artificial intelligence in the devices allows people to dictate commands specific to their desired computer applications without ever needing to touch a mouse or keyboard.

The benefits of speech recognition in the workplace are clear to see, and multiple industries are starting to take advantage of this innovative software. Here we will explore a few enterprises that have begun to scratch the surface of the devices' many real-life applications.

Law enforcement

Most police officers did not choose their profession because they have a passion for paperwork. A large portion of their day is usually spent doing just that; filling out reports, organizing court documents, and creating written testimonies. In an effort to help more officers get back to the field faster, law enforcement agencies invest in a digital dictation software to allow paperwork to be done through speech and not text. Voice dictation gives professionals the advantage of completing tasks up to three times faster than traditional methods.


Financial planners handle large amounts of confidential data that must be organized and analyzed on spreadsheets and other computer applications. Data entry can be securely automated with speech recognition devices with fewer errors, and then managed and edited still with just a person's voice. As financial planners can spend up to three hours a day documenting information, the ability to cut that time down to a third and significantly improve the efficiency of their workday.


Doctors and nurses are often seen walking around their place of work with clunky tablets or cumbersome clipboards to reference patient information. Instead of uncomfortably scribbling or typing into these devices with one hand, a healthcare professional with a dictation device can simply speak the words and have them be entered into pre-made forms. Information can also be edited and shared in secure digital systems that are already implemented by the healthcare practice.

Private Detectives

Detectives spend a lot of time observing scenes and researching information that they might need to remember later. PI's use these devices to be able to increase their focus and help their thoughts flow freely through their speech instead of writing it down with a pencil and paper or awkward keyboard. When integrated with the phone application, devices can be used anywhere with very little effort when inspiration strikes, and speeds up research and communication through emails or text messages.

Any business that involves data entry, spreadsheets, or paperwork in general, then digital dictation is applicable. More than a recorder or voice command software, speech recognition technology is intuitive enough to seamlessly adapt to your company-specific needs. Interested in finishing your paper-related tasks three times faster? Read more about Milner's Digital Dictation technology or contact one of our speech recognition experts today!

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