Green Initiatives Your Office Should Be Investing In

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Jan 25, 2019

Most companies today have invested in some type of environmentally sustainable policies and programs to benefit their offices. The following are a few innovative and effective ways to reduce your organization's carbon footprint and help conserve the environment.

Invest in eco-friendly electronics

Monitors, phones, printers, lights – all of these devices use energy, and if they are older models, are probably using more than energy efficient technology. Consider looking into a few alternatives to your current office hardware such as motion-activated lights and switching to laptops, which have the potential to use 80% less energy than desktops. Learn how upgrading your printers and copiers specifically can significantly reduce waste in "5 Clear Signs it's Time to Upgrade Your Printer or Copier."

Implement an upgraded green policy

As stated before, most companies already have a policy regarding the basics such as recycling and paper consumption, but creating more detailed company procedures can inspire your team to be more responsible with their energy consumption. Establishing a sustainability team for your office that measures and sets goals, in addition to reminder about your company's green policy can help decrease your office's carbon footprint. You can also help your employees by maximizing natural lights, bringing in office plants, and allowing more work from home days. Investing in reusable company cups and getting rid of disposable cups can also make a big difference.

Employ a Managed Print Service Provider (MPS)

Monitoring your company's progress on your own can be difficult as it is a time consuming and difficult process. Partnering with a MSP can help you track your company's paper usage, reduce your total output volumes, and provide technical support when there is an issue with your machines. Our MPS programs include a Green option that, along with all of our other print services, consists of environmental impact reports, energy efficient recommendations, and toner cartridge recycling program.

Recycle your toner cartridges

The little things can make a difference when it comes to green initiatives which is why there is a push for businesses to get rid of straws, plastic rings, and plastic bags. Throwing away your toners in a landfill can lead to two pounds of metal waste. At Milner, we operate a cartridge recycling center that gives you access to quality toner cartridges that are compatible with all major printer manufacturers. These cartridges are refillable and, at the end of their life, are recycled to make new cartridges. Come see our Recycling Center.

Digitize your workplace

To scale back on paper consumption, encourage your team to utilize digital solutions to manage information. Emails and the cloud are excellent digital options to share, edit, and store content while conserving paper, time, and energy. Digital files also allows you to free up space taken up storage. Look at our document scanning service and see how to clean up your files, reduce waste, and save your employees time.

Bring attention to your initiatives

Adding a page to your website specifically addressing the ways your company works to be eco-friendly is important both for you and your customers. Firstly, your customers will see that you have responsible business practices, which can be a deciding factor to some people when choosing a produce or service. Secondly, this gives your company a sense of accountability regarding its environmental initiatives and shows to your team that being green is one of the things your business needs to value in order to preserve the future in more ways than one.

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