Integrate Your Communications Tools

Have you ever tried to track down a fellow employee all without an answer regardless of whether you are calling their extension, their cell phone, or instant messaging? This is commonly referred to as human latency. Milner's Unified Communications platform cuts down on this delay in communications and allows you to maximize employee productivity no matter the location.

Modernize your business communication with Milner's Unified Communications solutions - see for yourself in the video below.

Unprecedented Freedom, Flexibility, and Integration


  • Free to Scale: Grow your communications platform according to your organization's size and budget
  • Free to Move: Stay in touch anywhere, anytime, with a wide range of communication methods


  • Flexible Options: Three ways to deploy one solution; Cloud, Premise, or Hybrid
  • Flexible Policies: Bring your own device, (BYOD mobility), and incorporate them into your unified communications platform


  • Integrate Applications: Unified Communications can integrate with your company's existing mainline business applications like CRM or ERP
  • Integrate Technology: IM, Voicemail, Email, Mobile Phones, and collaboration tools all work in harmony to ensure you get your message through in the medium you prefer