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Dictation & Transcription

Dictation and Speech Recognition

Today's digital dictation systems can transcribe information with up to 99% accuracy and can automatically generate tasks based on the transcribed information. Milner offers the most functional and accurate speech recognition and dictation tools available on the market, from industry-leading brands like Dolbey, Philips and Olympus.

With automated tasks and workflow solutions, you can automate repetitive tasks, from your dictation. Automatically draft emails and pleadings, notify assistants of critical information or file information without extra effort. By working smarter, you save valuable time and gain the competitive edge you need to get ahead in your field.

Is your speech recognition accurate? Does your dictation system do more than “take this down”? Contact us today to learn more about the available tools that can give you the competitive edge and make your life easier.

Transcription Services

Whether your organization needs help with overflow transcription work or is looking for a complete transcription service, Milner’s transcription services has an experienced, expert staff available to help. Since 1983, we’ve provided voice and data services to healthcare customers throughout Georgia and South Florida and currently generate over 30 million lines of medical documentation every year. Our staff is a dedicated team of experts who specialize in medical transcription. 

Our comprehensive transcription services include:

HIPAA Compliant TransriptionAuditing and HIPAA Compliance. Federal regulations for guarding and transmitting patient records are addressed utilizing 128-bit encryption and user activity auditing. Audits include read, write, print, and file, along with automated version control.

Real-Time Workflow Reports. Color coded workflow reports allow you to see at a glance the current status of all files.

Electronic Medical Records Integration. Bi-directional HL7, XML, ASCII, and custom computer interfacing are available for improved accuracy and automation.

Integrity in Billing. We follow the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA) billing methods principles; our billing is verifiable, well defined, measurable, consistent and accurate – whether existing or proposed.

 Can you trust your current transcription services? Contact us for an onsite survey and learn how we can provide you with a cost-effective alternative that caters to your needs.